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FINISHEDSurprise GM event! Find GM's Event shop!

Hello, Tamers!

For surprise, we prepared little event for Tamers!

Don't miss the unique chance to get good items for cheap price!


Details of Event

Period : Oct 18, Right after maintenance ~ Until items are all sold out!

Content : Find Event shops opened by GMs, purchase items!
          (Not all the shops were opened under GM's name)
          Event Shops will have same name pattern. 
          (Ex : EVENT SHOP T*)

          Items registered on the shop are all different.

          All shops were opened at random spot of certain areas.
          (Total 4 shops at Real World, File Island, Western and Glacier Areas)


Hope many tamers find our shops and get items!

Thank you.

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  • chalonsiito[11-15-2016 06:58]

    i recently achieved tamer level 60 and i didnt recieve any reward, if you could give me the rewards Tamer: Pawspace Server:Barbamon

  • sootiestguitar8[10-29-2016 09:24]

    Hi i recently achieved tamer level 50 and i didnt recieve any reward, if you could give me the rewards i will be very thankful Name: Jeremy8 Sv: Lucemon thanks

  • CaseClosed01[10-22-2016 11:53]

    pls Gameking take some action to my 50T+megaS cause i do hard work to get it pls everybody must deserve to get his/her item that is being scammed buy that name GM_Toyagumon pls take some action hoping

  • CaseClosed01[10-22-2016 11:46]

    Dear Gameking pls notice my report that ive been scammed 50t+ 2mega S i put the apo bm then we trade then suddenly i didnt get my item...his/her name GM_Toyagumon hoping for your action to my acc pls

  • alexande121[10-22-2016 08:16]

    Move Games/Gameking/or whoever , recently I have been scammed in trading 40t. And it made me think you guys should add a do both players agree to these items being received when trading. Please notice

  • apripras[10-20-2016 08:08]

    the event close?

  • Med1996[10-19-2016 14:01]

    Does GDMO Work On XP ?

  • AgusBlunt[10-19-2016 04:36]

    Es en algun chanel especifico o se puede encontrar en cualquier chanel?

  • NICKcapo99[10-19-2016 03:39]

    Alguien sabe donde están ubicadas ?

  • Johandx[10-18-2016 23:03]

    where is ubication item shop event?

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