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FINISHEDHappy New Year 2019!


#01. Digimon Skill Expansion: Skill DigiCode

You can expand the maximum level limit of Digimon skills using the item Skill DigiCode.

- Skill DigiCode

- How to Obtain
- Craft it through NPC Digitamamon in DATS Center
- Craft List (Crafting success rate is not 100%)

- How to Use
- Set the target Digimon to partner for expanding the maximum skill level
- Check if the current maximum skill level is 10.
- Right-click on Skill DigiCode Lv.15 from inventory to apply its effect.

Ex) For example, when you use Skill DigiCode(Rookie-Mega) on your partner Ryuudamon in form of GinRyuumon, only the maximum skill level of GinRyuumon's skills will be increased from 10 to 15. The skills of Ryuudamon(Rookie), HisyaRyuumon(Ultimate), OuRyuumon(Mega) form won't be effected.

※ This item is applicable to partner Digimon only.
※ Item cannot be used when the partner Digimon's form, current maximum skill level and the item's requirements do not match.
※ Maximum skill level and the current skill level are different. To actually get the advantages of the item, you should invest skill points on the skill to raise its skill level over the expanded level.

#02. New Seals Added

New Digimon Seals are added in game.

- New Seals List

#03. New Riding Mode Expansion: Susanoo Craft (Susanoomon)

Susanoomon finally gets a Rinding Mode slot update.

- Item [Susanoo Craft] to expand riding mode of Susanoomon has been added.
- Tamer can ride Susanoomon after the riding mode slot is opened.

※ Tip: Susanoomon is a Hybrid form Digimon and also a Jogress form of KaiserGreymon & MagnaGarurumon.

#04. Macro Protector Update

- The basic mechanism of item Macro Protector has been changed.

- Macro Protector will ask the target player to type in the fonts (alphabets & numbers) displayed in a box image. If player fails to type in correctly, his/her game will be shut down and receive penalty.
- How to use: The basic concept did not change. It can be purchased from shops as usual.
- The target tamer gets a buff immune to Macro Protector for 30 minutes when he/she successfully types in the fonts.
- But when the target player fails, player who reported him/her will get EXP +500% for 1 hour buff, and target player receives penalty.


#01. Kuzuhamon and the New Year's Fortune

Period: After maintenance of 2nd Jan 2019 ~ before maintenance of 15th Jan 2019

[Let's Test Your Luck for the New Year]
- Event NPC: Kuzuhamon in DATS Center
- Check your New Year's Fortune
- Receive daily quest from NPC Kuzuhamon, collecting [New Year's Fortune Cards] from Digimons all over the world.
- You can receive 5 [New Year's Fortune Card Packages] as daily quest reward, which can be used to play card game.
- Through playing the card game, you can randomly obtain one of item from [Faded Fortune Bundle], [Common Fortune Bundle], [Shining Fortune Bundle], [Silver Fortune Bundle], and [Golden Fortune Bundle].
- You can play the card game maximum 5 times a day.
- Fortune Bundle's Obtainable Item List

- You can obtain [Veiled Fortune Bundle] from the fortune bundles by low chance.
- Veiled Fortune Bundle's Item List

※ The Fortune Bundles have same item list, but with different chances.
※ All [Event] items are character bound.

#02. Return of Fancy Fireworks

Period: After maintenance of 2nd Jan 2019 ~ before maintenance of 15th Jan 2019

[They're not just ordinary fireworks]
- Fireworks NPC: NPC Chuchidarumon, NPC Digitamamon in DATS Center
- How to obtain the Fireworks
- You can receive NPC 3 Bloomy Fireworks Boxes as reward for completing Chuchidarumon's daily quest (event).
- [Bloomy Fireworks Box] Item List (obtain all)

- You can craft 1 Box of Fireworks (Buff) using 5 Bloomy Fireworks Boxes. (There is chance to fail)
- [Box of Fireworks (Buff)] Item List (obtain all)

※ Crafting Box of Fireworks (Buff) has chance of failure.
※ All [Event] items are character bound.

#03. Opening the Seal of Secret Box

Period: After maintenance of 2nd Jan 2019 ~ before maintenance of 15th Jan 2019

[What is the secret of those boxes?]
- Craft NPC: White-bearded Guru in DATS Center
- How to open the Sealed Secret Box
- [Sealed Secret Box] can be obtained as 2 hours log-in reward.
- You can craft a Secret Key with 10 Secret Key Fragments through NPC White-bearded Guru.
- Secret Key Fragments are dropped from monsters all over the world by certain chance.
- If you bring [Sealed Secret Box] and [Secret Key] together to NPC White-bearded Guru, you can obtain [Secret Box] (Success rate 100%)
- You can also craft [Secret Box] (unsealed) with 20 Secret Keys, or 200 Secret Key Fragments (Success rate 50%).
- NPC White-bearded Guru gives you a quest collecting 20 Pile of Diagrams. You'll receive [Secret Diagram] as reward.
- [Secret Diagram] increases the success rate to 80% when used on crafting [Secret Box] with 20 Secret Keys, or 200 Secret Key Fragments
- [Secret Box] Obtainable Item List (random)

※ All [Event] items are character bound.

#04. Happy New Year Log-in Rewards!

Period: After maintenance of 2nd Jan 2019 ~ before maintenance of 15th Jan 2019

[Daily Log-in Rewards]
- Reward Item List

※ All the event items are character bound.
※ Reward distribution time is reset every midnight (00:00) (GMT +9).

#05. Check your Attendance Here! Let's Not Miss a Day!

- Gather all the rewards by logging-in Digimon Masters Online everyday.
- Period: Unlimited

[About the Attendance Check]

- You can check the rewards of attendance check event from the "Event Contents UI" window everyday.
- Don't forget to log-in every 28 days to claim the final attendance reward.
- When the event cycle (28 days) is over, attendance check record will be initialized and you'll restart from the first.
- Reward items can be received from your Cash Warehouse.
- The rewards are character bound.

[Attendance Check Rewards]

#06. Turn on the heat with burning EXP in Digimon Masters Online!

- The experience point you get will be amplified during the EXP burning time!
- Period: Unlimited

(1) Burning Time: 500% additional EXP applied every 11:00~14:00 & 23:00 ~ 02:00 (GMT+09).

※ The 500% EXP boost is a fixed value during the event time and it is not overlapped with the normal EXP boost.


#01. New Year's Gift Box on Limited Sales

Period: After maintenance of 2nd Jan 2019 ~ before maintenance of 15th Jan 2019

- New Year's Gift Box will be on sales for a limited time.
[Obtainable Item List (Random)]
- 103-Purple-BT 1ea
- Jogress Random DigiEgg [Lv.5] 1ea
- Reinforced DigiClone Cube 1ea
- DigiEgg of Miracle 1ea
- Newbie's Yellow Soccer Uniform [30 Days] 1ea + Mileage Coin 1ea
- Seal Opener 100ea + Mileage Coin 1ea
- Backup Disk 60ea + Mileage Coin 1ea
- Option Change Stone 10ea + Number Change Stone 10ea + Mileage Coin 1ea
- Red Light of Life 1,500ea + Mileage Coin 1ea

※ Sales Duration is until the maintenance of 15th Jan 2019.
※ Mileage Coins will be removed after the sales, so please don't forget to consume all.
※ Mileage Coins are character bound. (Cannot be traded)

#02. Growth Fruit on Limited Sales

Period: After maintenance of 2nd Jan 2019 ~ before maintenance of 9th Jan 2019 (1 week only)

- Growth Fruit will be on sales for a limited time.
- Growth Fruit X 1ea
- Growth Fruit X 5ea
- Growth Fruit X 10ea

#03. New & Rare Riding Mode Expansion Items Added

Period: After maintenance of 2nd Jan 2019

- (New) Susanoo Craft
- Xuanwumon Saddle
- Will of Flames
- Steel Saddle
- Qinglongmon Saddle

※ Tip: Susanoomon is a Hybrid form Digimon and also a Jogress form of KaiserGreymon & MagnaGarurumon.
※ Tip: Xuanwumon Saddle, Will of Flames, Steel Saddle, and Qinglongmon Saddle can also be obtained from the dungeons of 4 Holy Beasts.

#04. Riding Mode Expansion Items on Permanent Discount

Period: After maintenance of 2nd Jan 2019

- Exclusive Riding Mode Expansion Items' price has been changed.
- Target: Total 16 Riding Mode Expansion Items (48C 34C)
[Item on Discount List]
- White Blade
- Chaotic Seat
- Sodom
- Cyclone
- Lampranthus
- Death-X Seat
- Footstep of Gold Dragon
- Proof of Dragon Emperor
- Will of Light
- Code in Alpha
- Tree of Ancient
- Tyrant King
- Black Data Wing
- Wings of the Seabird
- Will of Darkness
- Dimension Gear

- Target: Common Riding Mode Expansion Item (9C 5C)
[Item on Discount List]
- Mode Selector

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    Who have error go to laucherlib folder and edit version from 371 to 370. ur welcome !

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    Hey everyone please check out my video of me making 28 Tera in a day and how you can do it too. Here's the link and thank you guys https://youtu.be/NW5o0Jb4004

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