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FINISHEDAugust Promotion

Hello Tamers, this is DATS Center.

We would like to inform you about the update on 2021.08.03.
Please refer to the information below to avoid any inconveniences.


◎ Promotion

Promotion starts from 2021.08.03.

For this promotion, bonus items are given based on the accumulated amount of Crown purchased from 2021.08.03 00:00 to 2021.08.09 24:00.

◎ [Awesome Purchase Gift Box] Component

※ All items from the event are character bound.
※ Items are awarded in a cumulative manner according to the amount of Crown purchased.
※ However, if you have received the reward items from the Promotion Event above, items purchased during the event cannot be refunded.
※ Reward items will be provided on 08.10 after the regular server maintenance.

Thank you!

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  • Strauss94[08-03-2021 21:54]

    bes event ever XDDD LOOOL A pay to win reward event with nothing fun, nothing new... best even, LUUUOOOOLLL These kids xdxdxdxd, btw, Fuck You ScamKing <3

  • 15011991[08-03-2021 17:17]

    hello i wanted to ask you for help yesterday they stole my teras and item i never did anything illegal now out of nowhere things disappeared please could you help me

  • tomm19[08-03-2021 16:20]

    Best Event ever! More events this kind! - Best Event ever! More events this kind! - Best Event ever! More events this kind! - Best Event ever! More events this kind! -

  • newmdg[08-03-2021 16:01]

    Guy let me tell you something, since the day Joymax sold DMO to Gameking the game got a casino. All games start to become casino. simply dont put money into the game and play for fun when you can

  • weebsora[08-03-2021 15:02]

    You people need to wake up. Gameking is scamming all of you. There is NO reason why a Digimon should cost $300 or have to gamble for one in lootboxes with 1% chance. It's just DIGIMON, wake up! LOL

  • nathanaelandre[08-03-2021 14:43]

    Already refresh for an hour and doesnt change to crowded.WTF man

  • Fungalspikes[08-03-2021 13:41]

    I cant even login, you expect me to throw my money away with this trash "promotion"?

  • kadecawa1[08-03-2021 12:26]

    GK - "Fuck you guys I want your money, is there any problem???"

  • NlGHTMARE48[08-03-2021 12:24]

    When the support does not respond, it already means that there is a great lack of competence of the administrators.

  • NlGHTMARE48[08-03-2021 12:24]

    And when will I get my rewards from the RustTyranomon crowns event???

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