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FINISHEDAugust Promotion

Hello Tamers, this is DATS Center.

We would like to inform you about the update on 2021.08.03.
Please refer to the information below to avoid any inconveniences.


◎ Promotion

Promotion starts from 2021.08.03.

For this promotion, bonus items are given based on the accumulated amount of Crown purchased from 2021.08.03 00:00 to 2021.08.09 24:00.

◎ [Awesome Purchase Gift Box] Component

※ All items from the event are character bound.
※ Items are awarded in a cumulative manner according to the amount of Crown purchased.
※ However, if you have received the reward items from the Promotion Event above, items purchased during the event cannot be refunded.
※ Reward items will be provided on 08.10 after the regular server maintenance.

Thank you!

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  • kidruben[08-03-2021 12:06]

    Please answer my Q&A

  • Master00Shifu[08-03-2021 10:33]

    Give Me My Fanglomon shin items that i didnt get and wasted 3200 crowns

  • icaropadovani1[08-03-2021 10:17]

    Please answer my Q&A, I have a serious problem. Thank you.

  • duffed[08-03-2021 09:13]

    Please respond my Q&A, i keep sending it everyday but you never respond it. Thank you :)

  • gilipoya2[08-03-2021 08:36]

    Can you please STOP making all digimons cost THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS?¡ Please, its too much for ONE digimon. Changue your mind, Now. We are tired of your nonsense, it has to STOP.

  • 14444444444444444444[08-03-2021 08:36]

    They don't care about us, the main thing is that users invest money for items, as you can see in the promotion. It is best not to buy crowns if they don't get any money maybe they'll answer.

  • 14444444444444444444[08-03-2021 08:35]

    Honestly folks, I also sent some tickets but got no answer, which is shit from them. But when it comes to money, there is support. They don't care about us, the main thing is that users invest money f

  • gdmoconta12[08-03-2021 04:41]

    gameking, there are a lot of people asking you to answer our Q&A, please answer our q&a

  • packzin[08-03-2021 04:37]

    answer my q&a plsssssss

  • pack22[08-03-2021 04:35]


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