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  • sparktech[03-19-2020 13:41]

    SoulOfBeast, the last day of events, there are never hourly rewards, u probably missed the first day of the event (after the maintenance and before the reset), I got all 18 tickets thru this.

  • SoulOfBeast[03-09-2020 16:50]

    Imagine a poor fucking guy who doesnt expend money on this game. Need 18 ticket for Apocalymon BM, but the last day to get the 18th ticket the game doesnt load the gametime rewards...

  • TaichiHongo[03-08-2020 21:25]

    snowboard custume is bugged!!!!! it has no stats!!!!!!!

  • Obliterator10[03-07-2020 11:01]

    fix the bug of digiaura, I lost 3 auras in 1 day, using jump booster when arriving at maze entrance the aura expires even missing days

  • ZHILVERZS31[03-05-2020 20:13]

    Where is monthly title quest for march?! come on!!!

  • Kibou00[03-05-2020 16:22]

    You are fucking kidding me? Daily quest bug, don't reset quest today, I need quest for gankoo the only digimon no pay to win, and you can't fix bug?? Fix it now!!

  • 14444444444444444444[03-04-2020 12:15]

    Error has occurred during access to server. what's going on now? is the whole time without any mistakes?

  • ZHILVERZS31[03-04-2020 12:02]

    now your server down !! amazing!!! cursed you

  • ZHILVERZS31[03-04-2020 11:43]

    give me back my 100ea mc6 who eror droping in sommon square !! it happend many time and no response, that happend in 04/03/2020 03.20(pst)

  • kwekkwekkwek[03-04-2020 09:40]

    did you just delete barbamon server?

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