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CLODES[Winner of Arena Season 7]

Hello Tamer!

This is -Arena Season 7- Winner List!
Congratulations to All of you!
Those who won the season, please let us know which sentence
would you like to put on your achievement Quote?

Send us a Ticket via our Homepage until the 28th of Jan!!

1st Place: Guild DeadZone - Tamer: RyujiMashiro
2nd Place: Guild Reinkarnation - Tamer: Alrayyan
3rd Place: Guild Reinkarnation - Tamer: PetapaGenit_

1st Place: Guild FrozenHeart - Tamer: _Yukino_
2nd Place: Guild BokuraGaIta - Tamer: iNanami
3rd Place: Tamer: lByakko

1st Place: Guild DigiFamilyTR Tamer: 01MELON
2nd Place: Guild ExodoLatino Tamer: Cybergeneral
3rd Place: Guild [BerserkForce] Tamer: LPAtamon

1st Place: Guild DragonEmperor Tamer: _Thor_
2nd Place: Guild Philippines Tamer: RaonLee
3rd Place: Guild <DESTRUIDORES> Tamer: SrRalph

1st Place: Guild Laskar Lucemon Tamer: LL_MahaRaja
2nd Place: Guild Laskar Lucemon Tamer: LL_Lelouch
3rd Place: Guild Laskar Lucemon Tamer: LL_PineApple

1st Place: Guild ~INDONESIA~ Tamer: HeningAsri
2nd Place: Guild ~INDONESIA~ Tamer: DinDonk
3rd Place: Guild <<TJLeague>> Tamer: MrAlice



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  • bonetobewilds[01-28-2020 04:17]

    To many indog underhit bots in omega..tera seller..idiot gm lazy as fuckers

  • xrealmknight[01-26-2020 20:43]


  • xrealmknight[01-26-2020 20:42]

    d have been repaired) at least on lilithmon server and i have seen it and you keep increasing the difficulty but taking it as hero is done without cheats and even worse the prizes are worse every upda

  • xrealmknight[01-26-2020 20:41]

    Pretty much everyone top 30 on all servers and up are using either dashbot, or bypass to use skins to bug the colosseum hero, even some using still battle tags (that instead of removing the item shoul

  • notathroughroad[01-26-2020 06:01]

    Hi GAMEKING, answer my ticket please. It's been more than two months. You said there was a 3-month time limit before you cannot help me anymore... Please stop being lazy.

  • dp431[01-25-2020 16:07]

    I cant go to underground summon place without dc plz fix

  • ErryTheJimmy[01-24-2020 04:14]

    High Skill Memory (Jogress, Jogress X, Variant) obtain from higest skill memory shop cant be learn by omegamon X? what is the problem?

  • brm[01-24-2020 03:33]

    nice bot list, a game giving rewards to guys for using psc dash underhit ilegal software but wait, theyre cashers nevermind again.

  • lordpatas[01-24-2020 02:55]

    You keep saying that part of the info I sent is incorrect when that is not true. I played hours before I was hacked, so I have fresh in my mind all of the info of my account.

  • lordpatas[01-24-2020 02:54]

    How do you want me to send that ticket when my main account (where my tamer Rank 3 for Leviamon server is) was hacked and you refuse to return it to me even though I sent you the correct info?

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