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Patch Note

[Patch] Patch Note 20190305

Hello, Tamers!
We'd like to announce Game Patch Note of 5th Mar 2019 (Tue).

1. The error which friend/block list gets initialized when player enters the [Enhancement Room] has been fixed.
2. Problem of items not being properly displayed when player retrieves consignment shop with all inventory & warehouse UI closed has been fixed.
3. Players will no longer be able to request for trade after using Macro Preventer to the target player. The macro check procedure will automatically deny the trade request when it is active.
4. The problem of Digimon not being able to attack back after getting hit by hostile monster during the riding mode has been fixed.
5. Problem which the direction of camera view and actual moving direction being out of synchronization when player uses keyboard to move and mouse to determine direction has been fixed.

Thank you.