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[Patch] Patch Note_161004

Hello, Tamers!
Welcome to the Patch Note of the update on October 4th, 2016 (Tue)!

1. Tamers of all servers will receive items below as server maintenance rewards.
- Leviamon ; Reward Coin x1
- Lucemon ; Reward Coin x1
- Lilithmon ; Reward Coin x1
- Barbamon ; Reward Coin x2
- Beelzemon ; Reward Coin x1
- Seraphimon ; Reward Coin x1

2. [System Update]
  ◆ New NPC - 'Digitamon' has appeared in Dats Center. Digitamon is an NPC responsible for Production items.
  ◆ Item Updates
 - Cube of Overload
  : You may gain 1 BM item randomly except 'Free of Regression' and ‘Gehenna’
 - Data of Overload
  : A necessary source item for 'Cube of Overload' that can be obtained by scanning a Burst Mode item.
  (Example: Obtain 1 'Data of Overload' when scanning 'Trump Sword')
  - Digiclone Cube
  : An item box available for obtaining ‘Digiclone’-type items randomly when scanned. 'Reinforced Digiclone’ items are also obtainable by a certain chance!

3. ◆ God of Destruction, 'Susanoomon' Update
The last Spirit Evolution Digimon, Susanoomon has finally been added.
- Form : Jogress
- Attribute : Vaccine (VA)
- Elemental Attribute : Thunder
- Attacker Type : NSo, VB

- Skill 1 : Zero Arms: Orochi (Attribute: Thunder / Learned at Lv. 1, Single Target Attack)
- Skill 2 : Heavenly Wings Beheading (Attribute: Thunder / Learned at Lv1, Single Target Attack)
- Skill 3 : Eight Thunder Gods  (Attribute: Thunder / Learned at Lv1, Wide Attack)

4. '3' New Kinds of Fruit Items Only for Hybrid Digimons
   √ Fruit of Champion [only for Hybrid Digimons]
   : Fruit that contains the powers of the 10 Legendary Warriors. When used, the Digimon's scale will be resized to a random value between 85.00% ~ 130.00%.

   √ Fruit of Overload [only for Hybrid Digimon]
   ; Fruit that contains the power of Overload. When used, the Digimon's scale will be resized to a random value between 115.00% ~ 130.00%.

   √ Fruit of Genesis [only for Hybrid Digimon]
   ; Fruit that contains the powers of destruction and regeneration. When used, the Digimon's scale will be resized to a random value between 121.00% ~ 130.00%.

5. Login Page has been changed to Susanoomon's theme.

6. Riding Mode of TyrantKabuterimon has been added.

7. Riding Mode of BanchouLeomon has been added.

8. You may now obtain ‘Data of Overload’ from scanning any Burst Mode items.

9. You may now obtain ‘Memory Skill [DATA]’ from scanning Skill Memory items.

10. Image error of portable items during Tamer's usage has been fixed.

11. Character Selection screen and Character Creation screen has been updated.

12. Client termination issue due to use of items during trade has been fixed.

13. Be caught in the map during Tutorial has been fixed.

14. Skill motion errors of Greymon (Black) has been resolved.

15. Abnormal distance issue of Mini-map when tracing enemy Digimons has been fixed.

16. Server disconnection issues when consecutively using a certain item has been fixed.

17. Display error in name of Lalamon next to Yoshino Fujideda (NPC) in Yokohama Village has been modified.

18. Sever disconnection issues when deleting Memory Skills consecutively has been resolved.

19. Server disconnection issues when experiencing troubles loading a map has been fixed.

20. Message error when activating Riding Mode has been fixed.

21. Issue in which no rewards are provided in the quest: 'Doruphin's Gift' has been resolved.

22. Server disconnection issues when deleting items in certain areas has been fixed.

23. Chat system issue in which chats are shared between D-Terminal and Yokohama Village has been fixed.

24. Respawn issues in certain maps has been resolved.

25. Issue regarding the figure of Fujinmon in Riding Mode has been modified.

26. Launcher disappearance issue when cursor is moved over to the launcher.


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