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[PatchNote] Gigasmon/Hikari/Sora Update_150922
Hello. This is Digimon Masters.
We inform of Game Patchnote on September 22, 2015
1. Digimon "Gigasmon" Updated
2. Tamer "Hikari" and "Sora" Updated
3. System "Digiclone" is renewed
4. Reinforcement Price bug is fixed
- The price was free with a bug, and it has been applied correctly. 
  Now Tamers spend some in-game money to reinfoce. 
5. Digimon archive incubator will be reinforced
- Increase gaining EXP when apply incubator.(5,000 EXP -> 30,000 EXP)
6. Digimon reinforcement will be expanded ( 30 -> 60)
- Possible to reinforce to 15 each of AT, EV, CT, BL
7. New tamer “Sora Takenouchi” and “Kari Kamiya” will be added.
- Possible to get “Sora Takenouchi”, “Kari Kamiya” with use adventure tamer replace item
8. Fix some quest item spelling
9. Gift & Reward item Storage renewal 
- Gift & Reward item Storage is consist of Gift box and Reward box.
- Event item is provided into Gift box, 
  Reward item for Emergency Server Maintenance and sort of server error is provided Reward box.
10. Reward Coin is provided when we finish Emergency and Regular Maintenance. 
- Tamers can exchange various item with Reward Coin.
Thank you and have a nice day!
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