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[Patch] Patch Note_170711

Hello. Tamers of Digimon Masters Online!
We’d like to announce Game Patch Note of 11th July 2017 (Tue).

1. Reward Coin will be distributed to all tamers of entire servers 
   as server maintenance compensation.
- Leviamon ; Reward Coin x1
- Lucemon ; Reward Coin x1
- Lilithmon ; Reward Coin x1
- Barbamon ; Reward Coin x1
- Beelzemon ; Reward Coin x1
- Seraphimon ; Reward Coin x1
- Omegamon ; Reward Coin x1
2. The following rewards of 1st prize below will be provided to all players in each servers.
- Leviamon ; Digiegg Box x1
- Lucemon ; Digiegg Box x1
- Lilithmon ; Hatch & Evolution Box x1
- Barbamon ; Digiclone Box x1
- Beelzemon ; Digiclone Box x1
- Seraphimon ; Digiclone Box x1
- Omegamon ; Digiclone Box x1
3. The problem that client was forced to shut down when Encyclopedia is opened, has been fixed.
4. The problem that the player and DIgimon immediately moves to respawn point when attacked by 
   foe Digimon’s skill and falls down, has been fixed.
5. Corrected Dark Wargreymon(Black)’s skill(Dark Gaia Force) effect was not properly displayed.
6. Stuffs related past events has been all deleted.

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