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[Patch] Patch Note_20170530

Hello. Tamers of Digimon Masters Online!
We’d like to announce Game Patch Note of 16th May 2017 (Tue).

1. Reward Coin will be distributed to all tamers of entire servers 
   as server maintenance compensation.
- Leviamon ; Reward Coin x1
- Lucemon ; Reward Coin x1
- Lilithmon ; Reward Coin x1
- Barbamon ; Reward Coin x1
- Beelzemon ; Reward Coin x1
- Seraphimon ; Reward Coin x1
- Omegamon ; Reward Coin x1
2. An issue that items were register-able in consignment shop 
   even the lists of stuffs are full, has been fixed.
3. A problem that consignment shop window does not closed even after retrieve shop, 
   has been fixed.
4. A problem that the game shuts down when clicking Memory skill icon in 
   Digimion Skill window while certain Digimon has skill points.
5. An issue that skill description of some Digimons was not fully explained, 
   has been fixed.
6. Some script errors in game has been corrected.
7. Stuffs related past events has been all deleted.
8. NPC about Miracle Accessory is scheduled to be disappeared on June 13th.

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