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[Patch] Patch Note 20170404

Hello. Tamers of Digimon Masters Online!
We’d like to announce Game Patch Note of 4 Apr 2017 (Tue).

1. Reward Coin will be distributed to all tamers of entire servers 
   as server maintenance compensation.
- Leviamon ; Reward Coin x3
- Lucemon ; Reward Coin x3
- Lilithmon ; Reward Coin x3
- Barbamon ; Reward Coin x3
- Beelzemon ; Reward Coin x3
- Seraphimon ; Reward Coin x3
- Omegamon ; Reward Coin x3

2.    On the map window, problems with displaying quests images are fixed.

3.    In the cash shop, incorrect information about items is fixed.

4.    The item drop rate for infinity mountain Quest & Event is increased.  

5.    The moving speed buff will affect Digimons’ moving speed as well.

6.    50% discount event is closed.

7.    The items related to past events are all deleted.


PS. Regarding not-gained GM's Random boxes as a reward...

Hello Tamers!

We really apologize for any inconvenience. 

There was a mistake in writing the patch note. 

We will present 5 GM Random Boxes as a reward for the next (18th, April) maintenance day.

We sincerely apologize again. 

Thank you!

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