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[Patch Note] Error fixed_160322

Hello. Tamers!
We announce Game Patch Note on Mar 22, 2016.

1. Tamers for all server will obtain below item as a maintenance reward.


2. Tutorial bug related to canceled hatch.

3. Tutorial sound bug related to reinforcement.

4. Option disappearing related to traded accessories.

5. Icon bug for memorized skill buff.
   ; The Icon was appeared even it wasn’t activated when Digimon is evolved into another form.

6. Chat Filtering function improved for such a forbidden word.

7. Re-connected to the channel by force when tamer uses Exchange Tamer Item.

8. “/shopfinder Words” feature added. Tamers can search Consignment Shop with “
    /shopfinder Word”To use it, 
    1. Activate Chat,
    2. Type /shopfinder Word (any word tamers would like to find)
   If there is corresponded Consignment shop name or personal shop, the colour of 
    shop title will be changed.   

9. Tamer name is appeared right below of Consignment shop title.

10. Chat (Text) colour is changed.
    - Whisper ; Deep Pink >>> Light Pink
    - Megaphone ; Deep Orange >>> Light Orange

11. An item description is changed like below.
    - Character Bound >>> Bounded when it’s used

12. Digimon riding mode bug fixed.
   ; Digimon didn’t follow properly when tamer get off Riding mode. 

13. Whisper feature in Friend list UI is fixed.

14. Deactivated Inventory bug related to canceled scanning process.

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