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[Patch note] Error fixed_160126

Hello. Tamers!
We announce Game Patch Note on Jan 26, 2016.

1. Tamers on all servers will get below item as a reward for Server Maintenance.

2. Whisper’s malfunctioning is fixed.
3. A problem which Chat window was deactivated when tamers click another UI area while activated 
   Chat window, is fixed.
4. A problem which Hatch Backup wasn’t registered with Right click of Mouse device, is fixed.
5. A Problem which the items have wrong amount when tamer arranges items on inventory 
   while scanned Digiegg, is fixed.
6. A problem which Area name wasn’t located on map screen when tamers check a map with World 
   map, is fixed. 
7. Tamers won’t be able to register another Digiegg while trying to hatch a Digiegg.
8. A problem which Digimon, Tamer and deactivated Riding have abnormal moving speed when tamers 
   use riding function, is fixed.
9. A problem which Shadow disappears when tamers change Resolution, is fixed.
10. UI window size for Purchase information in Cash Shop, is fixed.
11. A problem which Client was crashed when loaded map, is fixed.
12. A problem which some keyboard shortcuts don’t work correctly if those were set with arrow keys, 
    is fixed.
13. A problem which Moving speed didn’t change properly when items related to Moving speed is 
    equipped & unequipped, is fixed.

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