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[Patch note] Update digimon 'Blitzmon'_151222

Hello. Tamers!
We announce Game Patch Note on Dec 22, 2015.

1. Tamers on all servers will get below item as a reward for Server Maintenance.

2. Updated list for game contents

   A. Digimon : Blitzmon / Ginryumon Riding mode

   B. System : 
      i. Drop cap removed > Max value compare with any other version.
      ii. Exp cap for quests removed > Max value compare with any other version.
      iii. Duplication amount of items increased > Max value compare with any other version.
      iv. Account Storage is updated
      v. Dats center is decorated to celebrate Christmas
      vi. Intimacy Tool Tip is added and Intimacy system is improved on Tamer’s 
          information window.
      vii. Auto save function for UI location is added according to Chat window UI update. 

   C. Bug Fix
      i. When tamer reinforce Digimon through Richard Sampson in Dats center, 
         some Digimon which has quite big scale is not fit on it. The object bug is fixed.
      ii. Site name is expressed in Map information window.

3. Updated list for Cash shop in-game

 -Santa Costume / Evil God Fruit package / Blitzmon Package / Consignment Shop license (Frigimon)

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