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[Patch note] Huanglongmon Update_151124

Hello. Tamers!
We announce Game Patch Note on Nov 24, 2015 (Tue)

1.    New Digimon “Huanglongmon” is updated.
    -    Huanglongmon is Jogress Evolution form of Qinglongmon, Xuanwumon, Zhuqiaomon, 
         Baihumon (four holy beasts). The Digimon has Special skill and massive power because of it is 
         a Jogress form with 4 entities.

A.    Process to evolve into Huanglongmon
    -    Please follow below steps to evolve into Huanglongmon.
        i.    Prepare Qinglongmon / Xuanwumon / Zhuqiaomon / Baihumon those have over 
              Level 41 and opened Mega evolution slot.
        ii.    Complete Jogress quest of all Digimon.

1.    Qinglongmon Jogress Quest
    A.    Guardian of the East
    B.    Digicore of Qinglongmon
    C.    Angel who sealed Huanglongmon 1

2.    Baihumon Jogress Quest
    A.    Guardian of the West
    B.    Digicore of Baihumon
    C.    Angel who sealed Huanglongmon 2

3.    Zhuqiaomon Jogress Quest
    A.    Guardian of the South
    B.    Digicore of Zhuqiaomon
    C.    Angel who sealed Huanglongmon 3

4.    Xuanwumon Jogress Quest
    A.    Guardian of the North
    B.    Digicore of Xuanwumon
    C.    Angel who sealed Huanglongmon 4

        iii.    Equip Jogress Chip in Digivice.
        iv.    Huanglongmon Jogress Evolution Complete!

B.    Condition to evolve into Huanglongmon  – Digimon
    -    Need Qinglongmon / Xuanwumon / Zhuqiaomon / Baihumon those can reach Mega evolution.
    -    Tamers must set 1 Digimon as a Partnermon and others are in Digivice Mercenary slot.
    -    Huanglongmon evolution is implemented regardless of four holy beast’s Hatched level.

C.    Condition to evolve into Huanglongmon - Quest
    -    Jogress quest have to be completed for Huanglongmon as same as another Jogress form.
    -    Culumon in Dats center gives Huanglongmon Jogress Quest to tamers. Tamers must have 
         all of four holy beasts those are over level 41 also and set as a partnermon to activate the quest.
        (If tamers set Xuanwumon as a partnermon, Qinglongmon, Zhuqiaomon and Baihumon 
         Jogress quest not be activated~!!)

D.    Huanglongmon information

2.    New Digimon “Wolfmon” is updated.
3.    New Digimon “Garmmon” is updated.
4.    Riding mode for Fujinmon is updated.
5.    Riding mode for Belphemon: Rage Mode is updated.
6.    Riding mode is improved.

    -  In case of Tamer moving speed increased with Buff or item is faster than Moving speed while 
       Riding, Moving speed while Riding was slower than Tamer moving speed. It confirmed as a bug 
       and fixed. From now on, Moving speed while Riding is always faster than Tamer moving speed.

       A.    Formulas about Moving speed while Riding according to Tamer moving speed..
          i.    Moving speed while Riding > Tamer moving speed = Moving speed while Riding
          ii.    Moving speed while Riding = Tamer moving speed = Tamer moving speed 
                + 20% of Moving speed while Riding
          iii.    Moving speed while Riding < Tamer moving speed = Tamer moving speed 
               + 20% of Moving speed while Riding

※    Tamers hard to recognize it is really improved for Some Digimon which has fast Moving speed while Riding, but it is based on above formulas, that’s why speed difference between them may be in a little. 

7.    Below Maintenance reward for each server is provided.

8.    Reward Coin’s icon in Reward Coin shop (NPC) is fixed. 
9.    Screen vibration error with 1 phase of Camera on Interface Setting is fixed.
10.    Crown “Refresh” feature is added.
11.    Buff event related to Moving speed is finished.

Crown Charge


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