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[Event] Spot Raid Schedule (with GM Buffs)

Hello, Tamers!

Spot Raid will take place.

It will take place on Thursday, the 11th of June 2020!
Please check below for a specific schedule.

※ Spot Raid Schedule
11th Jun (Thr)
Barbamon Server - 11:00~11:15 (GMT9+)
Lucemon Server - 11:20~11:35(GMT9+)
Lilithmon Server - 11:40~11:55(GMT9+)
Leviamon Server - 12:00~12:15(GMT9+)
BeelzeBumon Server - 12:20~12:35(GMT9+)
Omegamon Server - 12:40~12:55(GMT9+)

※ Spot Raid Place: Village at the Beginning ch.1

※ The Spot raid event will be held for about 15minutes

※ GM will give a surprise gift to 5 random Tamers who participate in the event. 
   The announcement for the surprise gift recipient and gift will be after the next maintenance!

The Raid Monster is so powerful that we need your cooperation!

Thank you!