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[Notice] Monster Card Issue After the Update

Hello, Tamers.

We found that there are problems found with the Monster Card after today's update. They are...
1. Monsters summoned from the Monster Card do not drop "Amazing Basic Data" (event item)
2. Monsters summoned from the Monster Card do not drop Digimon Seal item.

First problem, "Amazing Basic Data" was not intended to be dropped from the Monster Card monsters.
Sorry! The event notice was incorrect.
However, as a meaning of apology for the wrong information that already have been announced, we'll distribute compensation for all Tamers soon.
It will be further announced after it is determined.

Second problem, Digimon Seal not being dropped from the Monsters, is an unexpected bug.
We have tested with the Monster Cards before maintenance, but wrong version (Digimon Seal drop excluded) has been applied through the update.
This can be fixed only through server maintenance, and we'll be changing our schedule for it. 
Please restrain from using the Monster Cards before it is fixed, especially when you're aiming for the Digimon Seals from the Monster Card.

I apologize about the inconvenience that has been occured from the recent update.
We'll inform you further when the maintenance schedule gets fixed.

Thank you.

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