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[Completed] Emergency Maintenance 20170112

Hello, Tamers!

We have an announcement for an emergency server maintenance schedule.  Please refer to the details below.

■ Date : 12th Jan, 2017 (Thu)

■ Scheduled Time : 14:00PM ~ 15:00PM (1H)  GameKing Standard Time (GMT+9)

■ Server : All servers

■ Details : 

-The problem that all party members being able to obtain 'Official Tamer License' item 
 when defeating last foe Digimon has been fixed.
 After fix, only single Tamer can obtain 'Official Tamer License' item through defeating last foe Digimon.

※ Only one Tamer can get reward from any kinds of 'Tamer's Qualification' Dungeon area.
   Please be cautious that even though you belong to a party, rest of the party members cannot obtain the rewards together.

■ Compensation of Emergency Maintenance

-As a compensation, below listed items will be provided to each user's Gift & Storage box.

1. [Tamer Certificate [Lv. 10]] *1ea
2. [Tamer Certificate [Lv. 30]] *1ea
3. [Tamer Certificate [Lv. 50]] *1ea
4. [Tamer Certificate [Lv. 70]] *1ea
5. [Tamer Certificate [Lv. 90]] *1ea
6. Amplification Booster+1000% *5ea

※ Compensation items must be received until at 23:59:59 P.M. of 14th Jan,
   (Based on GMT+9, Gameking Standard Time)
   Unclaimed items will be deleted, so please do not forget to claim them before the expiry date.
※ All of the provided compensation items are non-tradable.


※ We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, and will spend our best effort to finish maintenance at time.
※ Tamers cannot access to server during the server maintenance.

Thank you.

Crown Charge


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