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[Promotion] the compensations regarding the disconnection issue of Omegamon Server.


Hello Tamer,
This is the Dats Center.
We are announcing the compensations regarding the disconnection issue of Omegamon Server.

Reward for All Server
19:00(GMT +9) ~ 7:00 (GMT +9)
EXP 1000% Burning Event

Only for Omegamon Server Tamer
1. Mysterious Mercenary DigiEgg [Lv. 4~5] 1 ea
2. [GM] Event BOX [NEW] 5 ea
[Random List]
- Gehenna 1 ea
- Growth Fruit [Event] 1 ea
- Burst Mode Random DigiEgg [Lv.5][Event] 1 ea
- Random Reinforced Digiclone [D~S] Box 1 ea
- Transcendence Material DigiEgg(Cash) - Raremon 2 ea
- Option Change Stone [Event] 3 ea
- Fruit of the Goddess 5 ea
- Amplification Booster+1000% [Event] 5 ea
- Mid Class DATA Box [Event] 5 ea
- Red Light of Life 50 ea

Time-Limited Reward (Only for Omegamon Server Tamer)

1. 48 hours will be added to the time limit items owned by Tamer in Omegamon servers, such as Costume, XAI, DigiAura, JOGESS Chip, Energy Patch, and Growth Factor.
2. The master membership time for users who are using membership or whose membership has ended at the time of a server error is added 48H hours.

※ The Item of Time-limited buff items such as Buff of Shadow Labyrinth and etc, which is obtained by gameplay, Tamer will receive as same time-limited buff as before.
※ All of the Time Limit items paid as rewards will be expended upon reception and can be found in the Cash Warehouse.
※ Please be noted that the reward for all servers of GM Event Box, Mysterious Mercenary DigiEgg [Lv.4-5] will be deleted after one week.
※ We suggest receiving the item at the Cash Warehouse before the deletion.

Security for Macro program updated:
Our Develop Dpt updated to prevent using of Macro Program.
If you have a Macro program installed on your computer, the game launcher will be not launched. In this case, please delete the Macro Program and re-start the game launcher.

In addition, we will reward users who give information regarding the Macro Program.
Please report as much information as possible.

Again, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.
Our Team will do our best to make a more pleasant game environment.

Thank you

Crown Charge


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