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[Seraphimon] Service Termination Notice

Hello, Tamers of Seraphimon Server (Aeria Games).

We'd like to inform you today about the direction of Seraphimon server related with the recent update delay and access unable, as there were many questions about the service of Seraphimon Server.

As you may already know, the service of Seraphimon server was provided by Aeria Games service platform.

However, regarding to a critical problem that has occurred internally, we realized and judged that providing continuous and stable game service is no longer available. Therefore, the game service has decided to be shut down.

We Movegames (Include GameKing) tried to set up measurements for the service termination by planning server transfer, data transfer etc. but our partnership company refused to share player data and all other information which was required. So the server(account) transfer from Seraphimon to Gameking(or Steam) server became impossible.

To all Tamers of Seraphimon server, we feel very sorry about the sudden closure of service. We put much effort trying to help you continue on your gaming experience of Digimon Masters Online from the server, but the result didn't come out as we first expected.

We once more apologize for not being able to bring you a good news about Seraphimon server. We will put our best efforts for Digimon Masters Online's stable service and quality improvement in the future on both platforms GameKing & Steam.

Thank you.

Crown Charge


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