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[Notice] Project: Jumping Digimon will be Closed

Hello, Tamers.

Project: Jumping Digimon is closed by next server maintenance (regular) and free Jumping Digimon exchange for new comers will be no longer available.
The Jumping Digimons and Jumping Digimon Egg that you already have won't be removed, so you don't need to worry about them.
It's just the "New Tamer Growth Boost Ticket" for the exchange and the exchange shop of NPC Lalamon that will be disappeared.
I know that some of you may get disappointed as the project was a helpful system for the new comers.
However, there were several side effects of the system found and reported.
One of the most negative side effects was the illegal web site (gold sellers) abusing this system to create money in an abnormal way.
As a result, a large amount of Tera has been unleashed in all servers and created inflation of almost every items' prices.
The value of Tera has collapsed, and the problem of real money trading in game became institutionalized.
Therefore, we decided to close the project.
But don't get too much disappointed, as we're planning for a new project to replace the Jumping Digimon.
And don't forget that we'll be having new updates, including "X-Evolution System" and new map "Verdandi Terminal" at next week.

Thank you.

Crown Charge


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