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CLODESNominate DMO for Steam Award, and Get the Best Unique Items

Steam Award event has started!
From Nov 23, at 10AM to Nov 29, 10PM (Based on Pacific Standard Time zone), 
all games of Steam will compete for each awards.

We, Digimon Masters Online is now aiming to win a Steam Award.
Especially, we are eager to win the "I Thought This Game Was Cool Before It Won An Award" Award!

We promise that we will distribute massive rewards to ALL TAMERS
(Literally all players of Steam, Gameking and Aeria Games!) if we win this award.

How to Vote:
Step 1. Visit your Library by Steam Launcher, and enter 'Store Page'
( of Digimon Masters Online.

Step 2. After you enter the page, you can see the button named ‘Nominate this game for an award’.
Step 4. Click it, and find 
'The "I Thought This Game Was Cool Before It Won An Award" Award' category.

Step 5. Click that and save it. Then it’s done!

For more information, visit here:

Reward list for winning Steam Award

- Jump Booster [All Area] * 50 ea
- Mystery Reinforced Mercenary DigiEgg * 5 ea
- RandomDATA Box Mid Class * 10 ea
- Randon Reinforced Digiclone [C~S] Box * 10 ea
- Growth Fruit * 1 ea
- Blessing of supporting box * 1 ea

※ Rewards listed above will be provided to ALL TAMERS.

About ‘Blessing of supporting box’
 - By right-clicking the box, you can obtain 1 item among the below list randomly.

   * 102-Blue-BT
   * Ticket to Miracle Accessory [Level 10]
   * Jogress Chip [Permanent]
   * DigiAura [Permanent]
   * Definite Level-5 DigiEgg
   * Random BM Box
   * And other various Stuffs

※ Rewards can be obtained from ‘Gift Inventory’
※ Reward items are ‘Character-Bound (Not tradable)’
※ Items in “Gift & Reward Item Storage” will be expired 
   if you do not claim them within 7 days after it’s given.




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  • samu898989[02-22-2017 20:53]

    I also voted and received nothing tamer: ragnarok19

  • qendrim9898[12-23-2016 22:45]

    how long i want the itemmssss how many days before it ends. I want the items ^^^^

  • haikel2012[12-23-2016 06:17]

    if they win , you get the prices if they didn't win , you get nothing I'm not sure if steam announced winners yet so we wait.

  • digispirit1[12-18-2016 15:32]

    quiero saber si ya fue la premiación, si ya fue que mal que no se ganó y si no a pasado quisiera saber cuando sería

  • jiug20[12-12-2016 00:43]

    Until now I did not get anything. I came back for nothing. Server: lilithmon Tamer: ~ G20 ~

  • jiug20[12-12-2016 00:42]

    Até agora eu não ganhamos nada. Eu votei para nada. Servidor: lilithmon Tamer: ~ G20 ~

  • end3r[12-10-2016 20:41]

    i voted on steam but got no reward server beelzemon tamer end3r55

  • dezman241[12-09-2016 10:42]


  • Methepea123[12-09-2016 05:27]

    i voted on steam but got no reward server barbamon tamer pea name benbell123

  • haristawijaya[12-08-2016 18:33]

    Voted/ Server Omegamon/Tamer: Harist

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