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CLODESMassive Crown bonus charge event!


For celebrating Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, 
we will be having massive Crown events. Don’t miss the unique chance to earn extra Crown!

Event Period: Nov 22(Tue) 00:00 ~ Nov 28(Mon) 23:59, Based on Gameking Standard Time (GMT+9)

Event 1: Accumulative Crown Charging Event!

* During the event period, if total amount of charged Crown accords to list above or exceeds, 
  Bonus Crown will be provided.
* The reason of providing 30% Bonus for 5000 Crown is related with [Event 2] below.
* Date of Compensation distribution: Scheduled on Nov 29th (Tue), around at 15:00 P.M. 
  (Based on Gameking Standard Time, GMT +9)


Event 2: Once more! Special chance for Bonus Crown!!

*Additional Bonus Crown will be provided if tamers met below conditions:

*This event is available to be participated with [Event 1] at the same time.


*Notice of both events

* Date of Compensation distribution: Scheduled on Nov 29th (Tue), around at 15:00 P.M.
  (Based on Gameking Standard Time, GMT +9)
* Bonus Crown will be expired after 1 year after it’s been provided.
* Please refer to My Q&A section for more event details.
* Any of illegal action regarding transaction from any account, such as occurring Chargeback of refund 
  issues will lead to sanction based on our operation policy through investigation.
* These events are only available for Gameking Players.

※ This event will be our last one related bonus Crown charging event, so don't miss it!




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  • gulimon1997[11-22-2016 13:17]

    Game king why I did not get the bm random box?

  • DaiMuddax2[11-22-2016 09:57]

    I also didnt got yet the extra 15 crowns even tho i charged up 300 crowns. MegaXcross Leviamon Server

  • dragonmotaz[11-22-2016 07:58]

    the hacker changed my pass and username and email i dont know what to do T_T. this is my friends account . can someone help ?

  • dragonmotaz[11-22-2016 07:57]

    they just care about money and dont give a shit about players. i played for 5 years and before 4 days my account got hacked and the game didnt do anything. there support is so bad. what do i do T_T

  • DiaKishimo[11-22-2016 07:52]

    Charged 500 Crown but only got 25 bonus instead of the 50

  • masterDIGIMONTroll[11-21-2016 21:50]

    why are people so 'childish' when it comes to events just be happy for what there is and don't complain here it won't help, just place a support ticket :p

  • irfanthea[11-21-2016 21:24]

    I have filled crown but until now has not entered also into my account, please i loss my money $5

  • broodmather[11-21-2016 19:37]

    Game King . i love you ^_^.

  • Ruui[11-21-2016 19:29]

    GM control the currency in Omegamon server, it's the only server that still have chance to grow!

  • Ryukou[11-21-2016 19:27]

    pls stop the inflation in Omegamon server, the amount of ppl using steam card is too damn high! please ffs!

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