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CLODESFacebook Event for This week No.1

Dear Tamer,


We are hereby announcing the Facebook Quiz Event!

Event period: 2020.09.30 00:00(GMT+9)~2020.10.04 23:59 (GMT+9)

A reward will be given to those who participate in this event!

Please check our Facebook for more detailed information!


Please Note:

- Users can participate only once per account.

- All of the participants will be rewarded with GM Event Box *2 ea.

- Our Team will select 10 User by recommendation and the Red Light of Life *100 ea will be given as compensation.

- Please do not change the Tamer name during the Event period. Renamed Tamer can not be compensated.

- The Rewards will be given after the next Server Maintenance.

Thank you



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  • Gobo7[10-03-2020 21:32]

    Do something against botter. Verdandi is full of them.

  • NeoxLite[10-03-2020 19:59]

    please answer the support questions. almost a week with no response.

  • hmss33[10-03-2020 18:48]

    hello creators of the dmo game I have an error with my account or something like that because it does not let me do the ophanimon mission for suanoomon and you can help me in the same way for sedmilen

  • 66ambient99[09-29-2020 17:07]

    Answer support tickets and return unfairly banned accounts.

  • khanh1A8[09-29-2020 12:56]

    I didn't get reward from event facebook 1 year ago -_- When do u give it for me??

  • KikixDxD[09-29-2020 10:11]

    Nice but some of us still didnt get rewards from precious events

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