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CLODESTutorial Mode Renewal


# 01. Tutorial Mode Renewal
- Tutorial mode at the beginning of game will be renewed.


- DATS Center Underground Passage map has been changed.
- New Tool Tips and Indicator functions have been added to Tutorial.
- Tutorial process is more simplified, and the Digimon reinforcement guide has been deleted.
- Skip Tutorial function is added.

※ Skip Tutorial is for experienced players and the rewards for completing the tutorial 
   won't be given when you skip it, so I recommend you to complete it normally.


# 01. Challenge! Duel with the Lord of Wrath
- Challenge Daemon, the Lord of Wrath and get rewarded during the event.
- Period: After maintenance of 9th Jan 2018 ~ before maintenance of 23rd Jan 2018

[How to challenge the Lord of Wrath]

 - Omegamon of DATS Center will give you daily quests.
 - Defeat the Tsukaimons that appear from all areas and return to Omegamon to complete the quest.
 - You can obtain Challenge Scroll [Lv. 10] as reward.
 - Challenge Scrolls can be used in D-Terminal Underground Summon Square to summon the 
  illusion of Daemon.
 - Talk to Kevin Krier in DATS Center to enter D-Terminal Underground Summon Square.
 - The illusion of Daemon drops Flame of Wrath when defeated.
 - Flame of Wrath can be exchanged to rewards through Digitamamon in DATS Center.
 - The higher level illusion of Daemon summoned by higher rank Challenge Scroll will increase the 
   quantity of Flame of Wrath that you can obtain.
 - Challenge Scrolls can be exchanged to [Lv. 40], [Lv. 70], and [Lv. 90] through Digitamamon.
 - Challenge Scrolls cannot be used when the tamer level does not meet the requirement.

[Flame of Wrath Exchange Item List]

 - Evoluter / Flame of Wrath x 1ea
 - Mysterious Digi-egg Box / Flame of Wrath x 3ea
 - Data of Overload / Flame of Wrath x 4ea
 - Bokomon's Book of Knowledge / Flame of Wrath x 5ea
 - BM Random Box / Flame of Wrath x 7ea

※ All event reward items (except Data of Overload) are character bound.
※ Event material items will be removed after the event.

# 02. Check your Attendance Here! Let's Not Miss a Day!

- Gather all the rewards by logging-in Digimon Masters Online everyday.
- Period: Unlimited

[About the Attendance Check]

 - You can check the rewards of attendance check event from the "Event Contents UI" window everyday.
 - Don't forget to log-in every 28 days to claim the final attendance reward.
 - When the event cycle (28 days) is over, attendance check record will be initialized and 
   you'll restart from the first.
 - Reward items can be received from your Cash Warehouse.
 - The rewards are character bound.

[Attendance Check Rewards]

# 03. Log-in event! Play the game and claim rewards everyday!

- Period: After maintenance of 9th Jan 2018 ~ before maintenance of 22nd Jan 2018

- Rewards will be given every 30 minutes, 4 times a day when you're online.
- Rewards can be claimed from Gift & Reward Item Storage. Please claim the rewards before 7 days, 
  or they'll be expired.

- Weekday Rewards
(1) Online time 30 minutes: Gold Banana 5ea, Summon Card Piece 1ea
(2) Online time 60 minutes: Random DATA Box 2ea, Summon Card Piece 1ea
(3) Online time 90 minutes: Miracle Fruit 1ea, Summon Card Piece 1ea
(4) Online time 120 minutes: Log-in Reward Coin 1ea, Summon Card Piece 1ea

- Weekend Bonus Rewards
(1) Online 180 minutes on Saturday: Amplification Booster +200% (1 Hour) 2ea
(2) Online 180 minutes on Sunday: Random DATA Box Mid Class 2ea

- All the rewards are untradable.
- Reward distribution time is reset every midnight (00:00) (GMT +9).
- Log-in Reward Coin can be exchanged for Mercenary DigiEgg through [Event] Yukidarumon.

# 04. Turn on the heat with burning EXP in Digimon Masters Online!

- Burning time will be applied 2 times a day to boost your EXP gaining!
- Period: Unlimited

(1) Burning Time: 500% additional EXP applied every 11:00~14:00 & 23:00 ~ 02:00 (GMT+09).

※The 500% EXP boost is a fixed value during the event time and it is not overlapped with the 
  normal EXP boost.




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  • cxcarlos[01-24-2018 00:24]

    Este evento es otro mas de lo mismo,GameKing tienes que cambiar xd!!!

  • Danyal0[01-23-2018 19:17]

    Thank you, for this event. This was a great event and now in one of my favorites. Keep going and bring such amazing events for us.

  • dmotest[01-23-2018 18:50]

    Hallo but where a MC today 23/1/2018 e,e is MC here or Gone or wut happened game king e,e

  • NyXtkm[01-23-2018 16:55]

    Alcance el nivel 50 de tamer y no me dieron mi reinforced jogress lvl 5 ni nada, que pasa?

  • RedXXJokaa[01-23-2018 10:02]

    need my tree points server beelzemon nick: xblackjoker

  • tigerwong01[01-22-2018 19:49]

    Yesterday I reached the LV 50 De Tamer on my account and did not win the DigiEgg Reiforced Random Jogress why did it happen???

  • dekyra[01-22-2018 14:18]


  • kaise[01-22-2018 10:38]

    After more events of clon / seals / core if n dmo will be without people pq what nois wants and event that make people want to stay logged in longer these events so m boring I msm not to nor logando i

  • ssElvisss[01-21-2018 03:09]

    como se hacen las mision de pancheesmon white del evento?

  • alphamon00[01-19-2018 04:08]

    ALL ARE FREE TO ENJOY A FUN GAME BUT NEEDS PEOPLE THERE CHECK OUT ' Justac Archlord ' :))) try it !!!! gogogo

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