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FINISHEDChance of the 2020! Craft the Mileage Coupon!


#01. [Chance of 2020! Craft the Mileage Coupon!]

Period: After maintenance of 8th Dec 2020 ~ before maintenance of 15th Dec 2020

- Quest NPC: NPC <Item Craft> Digitamamon at Dats Center
- Process
- During the period, rare item recipes will be added that able to be crafted from <Item Craft>Digitamamon.
- During the event, the production quantity of D. Anti Virus B [for payment] will be lowered.

- [Mileage Coupon] Event Craft Recipe

※ All items that can be produced with mileage coupons are not tradeable as Character Bound.


#01. Winter Snowflake Box [2 Types] 1Week Limited Sale

Period: After maintenance of 8th Dec 2020 ~ before maintenance of 15th Dec 2020

- Shiny winter snowflake box
[Sale: [1 ea] ▶ 198C]
[Random List]
- Cross Data – Time
(Zeed Millenniumon Evolution Slot Open Item) 1 ea
- D . Anti Virus B
- (Omegamon ZwartD Evolution Slot Open Item) 1 ea
- Digivice Box [OT Series] 1 ea
- Highest Skill Memory Capsule [Attack],[Defence],[Support] 1 ea
- Hatch Backup [Lv.5] 5 ea
- Option Change Stone 40 ea
- Number Change Stone 40 ea
- Fruit of Homeostasis 25 ea
- Sweet Strawberry Cake 200 ea
[Bonus Item]
Fortune Cookie 3 ea

- Simple winter snowflake box
[Sale: [1 ea] ▶ 99C]
[Random List]
- Gehenna 1 ea
- Sealed Digital Hazard Ring 1 ea
- Peak of X-evolution 50 ea
- High Skill Memory Capsulen[Attack],[Defense],[Support] 1 ea
- Hatch Backup [Lv.4] 6 ea
- Fruit of Yggdrasil 17 ea
- Digimon Boost Package [NEW] 4 ea
- Super Amplification Booster +1000% 18 ea
- Organic Gold Banana 550 ea
[Bonus Item]
Fortune Cookie 1 ea

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  • Th3M4ster[12-08-2020 18:14]

    I cant acess the incubator , a error appears in my window.

  • alooole99[12-08-2020 17:09]

    we need our Rafflesimon Ride item

  • alooole99[12-08-2020 17:09]

    pls stop those lotbox that's sucks

  • mdgamingyt[12-08-2020 15:47]

    jakebrzdmo not everyone likes to Gamble and get trolled and not everyone hacks crown like you to not care about the lootbox price. Same as always shit event and trollking dont even care what we say

  • jakebrzdmo[12-08-2020 14:06]

    Here it comes, the bitches that can't pay for a loot box and just cry like a baby. If you can't or won't buy, just ignore you bunch of degenerates. The game will live with or without a bunch of babies

  • surpremessj[12-08-2020 13:09]

    Another Chance in 2020 ? You guys mean another Scam 2020. Instead of helping us Gamers and Support us. Instead of putting the digimon with a Fix Price inside like 2000-3000 Crown everyone be Happy...

  • MBRJ[12-08-2020 12:36]

    Hmmm. Another loot box bad .

  • tople[12-08-2020 10:21]

    Did you forget to pay out the Rafflesimon Ride item (Rafflesia)? Because i have heard from many players they got the Jogress item but not the Ride Mode item. Please give the players what they paid for

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