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  • meleegod[08-21-2021 16:23]

    Need this event again :) im late to join

  • ruanhy[08-11-2021 15:29]


  • zahra93[07-26-2021 00:56]

    (Continuous - 3 part) the event since lost part of reward was lose. Other thing, ban the bots from omegamon it destroy the game and i know that u can do that. Thanks for listen, best regards

  • zahra93[07-26-2021 00:53]

    (Continuous - 2 part) The egg jogress 5/5, and for me it is the most important reward. Please, in this time help the new tamers to get this fabulous eggs. Give us a good compensation for us that lost

  • zahra93[07-26-2021 00:50]

    Dear Gameking, I know that you probably will not ready my comment. But I have to say. This weekend I could not get in omegamon serve. Lots of people as me don't get the best reward from event.

  • diego2004[07-23-2021 20:23]

    i cant play :,c when i put my id and password the game says your current network information is invalid for the game. Sorry about the inconvenience pls help GK

  • EJames45[07-20-2021 01:20]

    Omegamon server been full for 2 days straight, I pay to play and will give up soon if I cant play :/

  • asdwdasdawdadsd[07-19-2021 15:16]

    fix omegamon server full u gayking idiots! waste 2D of my magneticID 30d i buy from ur faking cash shop!

  • holunging[07-19-2021 01:56]

    can u fix omega server? 24 hour full? i cant play

  • macolsnyder[07-18-2021 11:43]

    a no pero los bots si siguen igual jodiendo el juego

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