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FINISHED40% Surplus Crown Event! (Gameking ONLY)

Hello Tamers!

There will be a limited Surplus Crown Event!
[Event Period: 17:00:00 Aug 31st(Thu) ~ Before maintenance Sep 5th(Tue), 2017 Gameking Standard Time(GMT+9)]

Only during the event period, we have surprise 40% Surplus Crown Event for all of payment!

Do not miss this chance to get additional Crown!

Real Perchase Normal Bonus → 40% Bonus Crown
50 Crown 0 → 20 Crown
100 Crown 0 → 40 Crown
300 Crown 0 → 120 Crown
500 Crown 25 → 225 Crow
700 Crown  50 → 330 Crow
1000 Crown 100 → 500 Crown


*How to join this promotion

1. Click “CROWN CHARGE” on DMO website

2. Check the price of each Merchandise & purchase it having more bonus Crown!

※ Note
- This event is only for GameKing members, and members of Aeria Games and Steam can’t join event.
- All of Crown Goods cannot be refunded after purchase.
- If we find anyone who do Chargeback, system or event abusing, 
  some penalty can be given to the relevant account based on our operation policy.

Thank you!

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  • arnaldocesar[10-08-2017 04:40]


  • ulanjablay[09-05-2017 10:31]

    About BOT: The bot really crack the game, but, the game need investiment in good game play to get block bot with Dungeon and PVP forcing a online game, a fun online game, thet kill bot and can save G.

  • ulanjablay[09-05-2017 10:26]

    SOS DMO: To fan game, to fan Dungeon, to fan PVP, to fan system to inter in Dungeon, to new semanal Dungeon with good itens to tamer force, with new dungeon to Level up digimon in party vs bot system.

  • ulanjablay[09-05-2017 10:21]

    I love DMO for this all my comentary, the game need investiment in balancead PVP, need investiment in PVP, need investiment in good system to inter in Dungeon, just like wow system to inter in DG...

  • ulanjablay[09-05-2017 10:15]

    I love DMO, but, DMO need back to origins, DMO need system to fun game, no system to sell crow only, DMO need investiment in Dungeons to all player to fun game and to crow game, no proble with crow it

  • ulanjablay[09-05-2017 10:09]

    I love DMO, but... with new card system buff if a PVP is comming, is comming a dead PVP, because is absurd the price to get all card buff, card buff no offer any good game play, is only to sell crow..

  • ulanjablay[09-05-2017 10:07]

    I love DMO, this is a excelente game, but, no existis sense in new system of card system the card system because no offer any good gameplay in game, the price to have all buff is absurd...

  • ulanjablay[09-05-2017 10:02]

    I love digimon master online, this is a excelente game, but, the new macro protector system ban aleatory player, besides that a lot player lose your acc by hacked, many friend lose your acc by hack...

  • gaulmen[09-05-2017 00:44]


  • gaulmen[09-05-2017 00:42]

    GAMEKING!!! ALREADY DEAD??? the result of a new macro protecttor? why you give me discount 40%? this game is dead!!! No macro No DMO!! PSC still LIVE!!! fuck!!

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