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FINISHEDSpecial 50% Discount Event


#01. Cash Shop 50% Discount Event (Except Some Items)

Period: After maintenance of 7th May 2019 ~ before maintenance of 14th May 2019

Items that are newly added within recent 2 months and items in promotion are excluded from this event.
All the rest of the items will be on 50% discount during the event term (1 week).

- All items except the following items will be on 50% discount
[Items that are not included in 50% discount]
 - Autotomy Program
 - Path of Devastator
 - Call of Doom
 - Gabumon [CresGarurumon] DigiEgg

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  • 1982431[05-10-2019 22:19]

    What's wrong with the charge function? I was able to buy crowns earlier today but right now it won't let me top-up with any amount. Anybody can help?

  • spectrnoys[05-10-2019 20:14]

    My other account hacked He changed the email to his Pls help My last account Is zenaro In server barbmon He is not me My account hacked today or yesterday

  • arfaerfa[05-10-2019 12:01]

    pls add again title fall of the royal family :D

  • flamingBreath[05-10-2019 04:29]

    everytime I try to charge money with card ur security system is the worst they don't work at ALL plz change that...why di events if we cannot enjoy them??

  • cyrkar[05-09-2019 22:00]

    @Melzel , that do that to me too

  • goxxx666[05-09-2019 11:04]

    hahahahaha and disable the button of crown charge :V fuk off

  • nazgorg88[05-09-2019 03:36]

    You can do that to make it work but the question is why? browser says its not secure so many ppl wont feel safe using their credit info that way please fix it or adress this work around as safe.

  • R1D3X[05-09-2019 01:30]

    CROWN CHARGE FIX !!! To Fix the Charge you have to accept the script from the gameking site . By Chrome you get a Little Shield in the Right top Corner . press it an say agree then everything works

  • AndreeBR[05-08-2019 23:58]

    boa compra is not log in acc pague seguro please add

  • Expartilom[05-08-2019 23:33]

    "this page is trying load scripts from anauthenticated soarces."CLICK ON IT!and then load...QUESTION VERY SERIOS THO!WHY IT SAYS THAT MESSAGE?!why the security of wesite is very dangerous?

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