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  • xXxXFacuSharkXxXx[03-17-2019 07:02]

    I didn't get my WELCOME BACK EVENT GIFT BOX, i didn't connect to the game since december 2018. server Belzee. account name nehuen2002, character XFacuSharkX

  • josetroxx[03-16-2019 11:43]

    I did not get my Welcome back Event gift box :c Server: Beelze. Character Name: josetrox

  • bicudobr31[03-16-2019 02:04]

    Dmo ta shit the GM does not help anyone just want to flirt with everyone so needing help and nothing of them only know if his is in his pocket to help someone fuck with my help that I need

  • bicudobr31[03-15-2019 08:58]

    and it seems that not only was it me that was hacked had more people and you do not help anyone

  • bicudobr31[03-15-2019 08:57]

    You like to win more when it comes to help or appear I lose my account with several digimons several intes and nothing Gm helps me to recover my accoun

  • bicudobr31[03-15-2019 08:55]

    Gm cade vcs will not help me somebody hacked my account my password and nothing of vcs help already game more than 6 years already spent much and nothing of you help is going to stay like this

  • ravengedoll[03-13-2019 05:24]

    Bad event in 2019

  • backupbandz[03-12-2019 15:17]

    Dmo isn’t working it keeps saying I have 0 crown but when I check the website it says I have 210 what’s going on ‘processing failed please try again later’

  • msjreaper18[03-12-2019 11:47]

    1000 best handmade candies = Digiclon Box A-S. SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM

  • msjreaper18[03-12-2019 11:43]

    I spend all my time getting 1000 candies and I get Digiclon Box [a-s], this is disrespectful.

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