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  • CVic[01-21-2022 07:03]

    Nice Main GreedyKing there is still Spanish text even though I have set the language at English and the main just finished now too.

  • CVic[01-21-2022 06:10]

    gets fix on thsi no care 2nd main of your which I wonder if will also be a bugtenance like before.

  • CVic[01-21-2022 06:09]

    28 healing items and a possible chance for random adventure pull is in actual 27 healing and 26 box max? Also even when I have the language set in English there is still some Spanish text. Hope that

  • CVic[01-21-2022 06:07]

    Another great timing for your main not minding crashing your own fortune time event huh? So that is 1 healing and 2 boxes with possible random adventure tamer chance. so the 2 weeks supposed 28 healin

  • Elem97[01-17-2022 19:37]

    Please Fix the Wormmon Jogress Bug...since 2019 i dont get any answers anymore, and not even on second accounts...badest Support ever...

  • yenbod1104[01-16-2022 06:20]

    nice to see that DMO is more interested in uneeded maps than rumble chess which hasn't gotten an update since launch. C'mon it's been too long since any new content has been added

  • GodOfBronze[01-15-2022 04:03]

    why put difficulty in this map that doesn't give anything

  • shufleee[01-13-2022 13:03]

    please see my tickets i cant connect in my tamer

  • losetoafk[01-12-2022 14:33]

    worst promotion,boko book promotion is better than gacha shining,TBH the event is suck expensive reward(HBU 5) but useless,opener is cheap but more usefull

  • Mandrilman[01-12-2022 13:29]

    Just find new bug, I cant use machines in village of beginning because my level is higher than 120

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