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FINISHEDSeptember 50% Discount

Hello Tamers, this is DATS Center.

We would like to inform you about the update on 2021.09.14.
Please refer to the information below to avoid any inconveniences.


◎ Promotion


#01. All Goods on 50% Discount, Limited Sale

[Duration] After maintenance on 2021.9.14 ~ before maintenance on 2021.9.23

- All items are on 50% discount except the ones listed below

[List of Items Excluded from the DIscount]- High Mysterious X-Antibody Factor: MedievalGallantmon
- Mysterious X-Antibody Factor: Minervamon X
- Wind Vortex
- Judgment of Olympia

※ Items that were added to the Shop within the last 2 months are excluded from the 50% discount.
※ [Masters Membership] is ALWAYS excluded from the discount.
※ [Limited] items are excluded from the overall discount event.

Thank you.


◎ Update and Bug Fixes

- Additional description added to the item Monochromon’s Mark.
- Difficulty adjustment for some daily quests at D-Terminal-Dungeon-B2 and Silent Forest
- Security Improvement
- Server/Channel stabilization
- Game DB organization/backup

Thank you!

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  • Merceus[09-22-2021 21:01]

    BT_Mago Black here...I don't even know you and you keep bugging my fucking ass bro, which SSS+ digimon do I have? Apparently you know and no one else, not even me who owns the account, tell us hahaha

  • 0d1n[09-21-2021 12:47]

    DMO player BT_MagoBlack and Leader of IndoArise in Lucemon are giving fireball SSS+ to their friends and guild through the cheat engine and data exchange bug!! Please address this!!!!!!!

  • thraqp[09-21-2021 11:23]

    sever omegamon i can'n warp Dats map not download. internet me is normal pls fix it

  • suertudoconlootbox[09-20-2021 19:49]

    Mejoren la seguridad de las cuentas, como es posible que hackeen el correo de una cuenta y cambien todo supremamente facil, creen frase de seguridad o soporte ppor correo o codigo al entrar en la web

  • rimmer76[09-17-2021 09:50]

    Remove charge for bot report. Make bot puzzle harder and random with mouse movement so bots cannot do it. for love of god make steam items stackable and account tradeable or give 4x more storeage.

  • holunging[09-16-2021 17:28]

    This time you really finis.h . Are you sure you can ban them all? I don’t think so you do

  • holunging[09-16-2021 17:24]

    Hey gamekin.g . I propose to put all evo item on cash shop.cuz no one trust your system now. Everyone use the hack get limit item. They don’t need pay any cash

  • holunging[09-16-2021 13:44]

    omg.....the bug can get Zwart / Alter-B?

  • carinam[09-15-2021 03:00]

    Stop Selling Cheap Crown, while DB user can make 50 T / Day

  • Kudamon18[09-15-2021 02:39]

    So desejo a falência de vcs... ♡

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