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CLODESBlack Friday Limited 50% Discount


#01. Arena Season 6 Podium

Arena Podium will be updated regarding to the results of Arena Season 6.


1. Arena Season 6 1st ~ 3rd Rankers of each server will have their character statue standing on the Podium.
2. When you click on the character statue, you can see their message.


#01. Black Friday Limited 50% Discount Sales

Period: After maintenance of 26th Nov 2019 ~ before maintenance of 3rd Dec 2019

All Cash Shop items except new items added within 2 months, items on promotion and membership will be on 50% discount sales for a limited time.

- List of items that are not included in 50% discount
[Excluded Item List]
- [Limited] Valkyrimon Evolution Package [Advanced]
- [Limited] Valkyrimon Evolution Package [Normal]
- [Limited] 8th Anniversary DigiEgg Master Package
- [Limited] 8th Anniversary DigiEgg Expert Package
- [Limited] 8th Anniversary DigiEgg Advanced Package
- [Limited] 8th Anniversary DigiEgg Normal Package
- [Limited] 8th Anniversary DigiEgg Hero Package
- Masters Membership [30 Days]
- [Limited] T.K's Patamon Doll Clothes [30D]
- [Limited] Hikari's Gatomon Doll Clothes [30D]
- Raremon DigiEgg
- Shoutmon DigiEgg
- Ballistamon DigiEgg
- Dorulumon DigiEgg
- Code Crown
- Fenrir
- Mid Class Beast T. ConvertChip
- Mid Class Bird T. ConvertChip
- Mid Class Devil T. ConvertChip
- Mid Class Plant T. ConvertChip
- Mid Class Aquatic T. ConvertChip
- Mid Class Rock T. ConvertChip
- Mid Class Dragon T. ConvertChip
- Mid Class Insectoid T. ConvertChip
- Mid Class Hybrid T. ConvertChip
- Mid Class ExtraOrdinary T. ConvertChip
- Mid Class Fire T. ConvertChip
- Freyja's Blessing
- [Limited] Peak of X-evolution
- DigiXros Chip (Disposable)
- HighClass Mysterious X-Antibody Factor Dynasmon X
- HighClass Mysterious X-Antibody Factor UlforeVDramon X

[Bug Fix]

1. The problem of Shibuya Storyline Quest [Attack of the Wolf Pack] not properly displaying quest objective (number of monsters to defeat) has been fixed.
2. Valkyrimon being unable to proceed further commands after using skill to target in far distance has been fixed.



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  • angemon373[12-02-2019 23:40]

    Guys please bring back sb on f1,f3 and f3 DynasX, I dont know why you just removed from some digis Ux,DynX,Meg, etc but bring it back please I will keep telling u this till u bring it back

  • MBRJ[12-02-2019 18:52]

    Dear Gameking supporter , can you reply to my complain fast ? i already submit request 2 days ago with no reply ......

  • wizard072[12-02-2019 14:06]

    Hey . I don't received my Welcome Back . Please , what's happening? Server : Lucemon acount :vramalho072

  • angemon373[11-30-2019 23:12]

    Kdmo still asb for ux,dynas x, etc. bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • notathroughroad[11-30-2019 10:32]

    Hi GM, answer my ticket please. This is the fifth time I've refiled it. You said there was a 3-month time limit before you cannot help me anymore... I've been waiting over a month for your reply...

  • sebasfalcon[11-28-2019 13:51]

    they have to create a better anti macro system I have received ban for 5 hours, despite having responded correctly. necesitan un nuevo sistema de anti macro por que he recibido ban de 5h injustamente.

  • imperinion[11-28-2019 02:26]

    I am from Argentina and I can no longer buy Crowns because they eliminated Pago Facil and Rapipago as payment methods, allow these methods again, please!

  • riubir[11-28-2019 01:16]

    little suggestion out of topic, raid time is allways confusing with different times in post than in game, instead why dont post "GMT" time in "24hrs" or with "AM/PM"?

  • angemon373[11-27-2019 06:41]

    At least you must say now on the event description that mega x are now trash digis whit no dmg and so low hp, u think u will sell factors now?

  • angemon373[11-27-2019 06:15]

    Do not really see all the complaints of the players? Why do you keep doing everything wrong? No more asb in mega X? You really don't understand the game, maybe it's time to give the game to some else

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