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FINISHEDJumping Digimon and Digimon Academy Update


# 01. Jumping Digimon for New Comers

Jumping Digimons that have evolution slots opened upto Mega will be given to all new tamers.

[Project: Jumping Digimon]
- Jumping Digimon is updated for the new tamers to speed up getting used to the world of 
  Digimon Masters Online.
- Jumping Digimon's evolution slots are opened upto Mega form.
- Jumping Digimon's riding function is usable without any requirements.
- Jumping Digimon allows tamers to start from Tamer level 30, Digimon level 44.
- You can obtain reward items when your Jumping Digimon reaches level 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 
  and 99.

◆ Jumping Digimon Type
- Guilmon, Impmon, Veemon

◆ Relative NPC
- NPC Yoshino: You can obtain [New Tamer Growth Boost Ticket] from NPC Yoshino 
  as you proceed the quests.
- NPC Lalamon: [New Tamer Growth Boost Ticket] can be exchanged to Jumping Digimon through 
  NPC Lalamon.

◆ How to obtain a Jumping Digimon
- Create a New Tamer.
(Jumping Digimons are not limited to new accounts, so anyone can get them with a new tamer)
- Complete Tutorial.
(You can still get your Jumping Digimon when you skip Tutorial.)
- Receive and complete quest 'Jumping Digimon for New Tamer' from NPC Yoshino in 
  Yokohama Village.
- Talk to NPC Lalamon to use the [New Tamer Growth Booth Ticket] for a 
  Jumping Digimon of your choice.

◆ Jumping Digimon Quests
- Jumping Digimon can be received regardless of Tutorial
- Jumping Digimon for New Tamer

- How to use the Jumping Digimon Box

- Agumon's Request from the Silver Lake

◆ Jumping Digimon's Level Up Rewards

Level    Reward Items
Lv 50    Jumping Fruit, Growth Accessory (Ring)
Lv 60    Jumping Fruit, Mysterious Jogress DigiEgg (Alpha)
Lv 70    Jumping Fruit, Growth Accessory (Necklace)
Lv 80    Jumping Fruit, Mysterious Jogress DigiEgg (Beta)
Lv 90    Jumping Fruit, Growth Accessory (Earrings)
Lv 99    Mysterious Jogress DigiEgg Lv.5

◆ New Items
  With the Jumping Digimon, you can obtain new items as rewards.

  1. Moon Stone of Fortune
   - This item raises your Jumping Digimon's level upto 44.
    (It cannot be used on other Digimons.)
  2. Jumping Fruit
   - Increase the size of Jumping Digimon by 8%.
(It cannot be used on other Digimons.)
3. Growth Accessory (Ring/Necklace/Earrings)
   - Applies additional statistics for Digimon.
    (Option Change Stone, Number Change Stone, Amazing Digitary Power Stone, 
    Amazing Renewal Increase Stone cannot be used on the Growth Accessory items.)
4. Mysterious Jogress DigiEgg (Alpha) / Mysterious Jogress DigiEgg (Beta)
   - DigiEgg of Jogress evolution Digimons will be randomly revealed.
   - Mysterious Jogress DigiEgg (Alpha): 1 DigiEgg of Dracomon (Blue), Dracomon (Green), 
     Agumon (Black), or Gabumon (Black)
   - Mysterious Jogress DigiEgg (Beta): 1 DigiEgg of Agumon, Gabumon, Dorumon (RaptorDramon), 
5. Mysterious Jogress DigiEgg Lv.5
   - DigiEgg of Jogress evolution Digimons level 5 will be randomly revealed.
   - 1 DigiEgg of Agumon, Gabumon, Dorumon (RaptorDramon), Ryudamon, 
     Agumon (Black) [Millenniumon], Gazimon [Millenniumon], Dracomon (Blue), Dracomon (Green), 
     Agumon (Black), or Gabumon (Black)

# 02. Digimon Archive Renewal Update

Digimon Archive has some major changes.

[Digimon Archive Renewal]
- The Digimon slots of Digimon Archive has been expaned from 100ea to 200ea.
- The [Incubator] has been changed to [Academy]. You can use Growth Factor to raise 
  Digimon's level from [Academy].
- For convenience with the Digimon Archive, "Arrange", "Filtering", and "Search" functions are added.
- Basically, the UI of Digimon Archive has been enlarged and Digimon information is 
  displayed on the left.


#01. [DigiEgg] of Digimon that I Wanted!

- Period: After maintenance of 5th Jun 2018 ~ before maintenance of 19th Jun 2018

[How to get the DigiEgg]
- Check the basic attribute & elemental attribute of Digimon you wish to get and then find the 
  Digimons with the matching attributes.
- Hunt down the evil Digimons and obtain data of their attributes.
- You can obtain "Blank Data" as log-in reward during the event.
- With the "Blank Data" and attribute data obtained from hunting down the evil Digimons together, 
  you can exchange them to DigiEgg through NPC Izzy in DATS Center.
※ Digimons in Yokohama Village do not drop attribute data.

[How to get the Blank Data]
 - There are 3 types of Blank Data.

* Blank Data V1 - Given through Gift & Reward Item Storage
* Blank Data V2 - Daily Log-in Reward (2 Hours) for Saturday
* Blank Data V3 - Daily Log-in Reward (2 Hours) for Sunday

[Exchangable DigiEgg List]

[Digimon Attributes]

# 02. ToyAgumon for the Toys

- Period: After maintenance of 5th Jun 2018 ~ before maintenance of 19th Jun 2018

[ToyAgumon's Toy Blocks]

- You can receive a quest from NPC Impmon in DATS Center.
- ToyAgumon summoned in the Digital World areas drop Grey Blocks by 100% chance.
- Scan the Grey Blocks to obtain Red Blocks, Yellow Blocks, Green Blocks, or Blue Blocks randomly.
- Collect the blocks of each colors to exchange them to another item (related to Burst Mode) 
  through Impmon.

[Exchangable Item List]

※ All event items are character bound.
※ Event material items will be removed after the event.

# 03. Check your Attendance Here! Let's Not Miss a Day!

- Gather all the rewards by logging-in Digimon Masters Online everyday.
- Period: Unlimited

[About the Attendance Check]

 - You can check the rewards of attendance check event from the "Event Contents UI" window everyday.
 - Don't forget to log-in every 28 days to claim the final attendance reward.
 - When the event cycle (28 days) is over, attendance check record will be initialized and you'll 
   restart from the first.
 - Reward items can be received from your Cash Warehouse.
 - The rewards are character bound.

[Attendance Check Rewards]

# 04. Log-in event! Play the game and claim rewards everyday!

Period: After maintenance of 5th Jun 2018 ~ before maintenance of 18th Jun 2018

- Rewards will be given every 30 minutes, 4 times a day when you're online.
- Rewards can be claimed from Gift & Reward Item Storage. Please claim the rewards before 7 days, 
  or they'll be expired.

- Weekday Rewards
(1) Online time 30 minutes: Gold Banana 5ea
(2) Online time 60 minutes: Random DATA Box 2ea
(3) Online time 90 minutes: Miracle Fruit 1ea
(4) Online time 120 minutes: Log-in Reward Coin 1ea

- Weekend Bonus Rewards
(1) Online 120 minutes on Saturday: Blank Data V2 (Limited)
(2) Online 120 minutes on Sunday: Blank Data V3 (Limited)
(3) Online 180 minutes on Saturday: Amplification Booster +200% (1 Hour) 2ea
(4) Online 180 minutes on Sunday: Random DATA Box Mid Class 2ea

- All the rewards are untradable.
- Reward distribution time is reset every midnight (00:00) (GMT +9).
- Log-in Reward Coin can be exchanged for Mercenary DigiEgg through [Event] Yukidarumon.

# 05. Turn on the heat with burning EXP in Digimon Masters Online!

- Burning time will be applied 2 times a day to boost your EXP gaining!
- Period: Unlimited

(1) Burning Time: 500% additional EXP applied every 11:00~14:00 & 23:00 ~ 02:00 (GMT+09).

※The 500% EXP boost is a fixed value during the event time and it is not overlapped with the 
  normal EXP boost.


# 01. Peace Wishing Box on Limited Sales
- Peace Wishing Box will be on sales for a limited time.
- Period: After maintenance of 5th Jun 2018 ~ before maintenance of 19th Jun 2018
[Peace Wishing Box Item List] - You can obtain 1 of the items on the following list. 
Right-click to open box. 
1. Gehenna
2. 102-Blue-BT (3 slot Digivice)
3. Veedramon Mercenary DigiEgg Lv.5
4. Lucemon Mercenary DigiEgg Lv.5
5. Mega Reinforced DigiClone Cube 3ea
6. Option Change Stone 30ea
7. Number Change Stone 30ea
8. Hatch Backup 10ea
9. Amplification Booster +1,000% 15ea
10. Red Light of Life 2,000ea

# 02. Best Limited Sales Item on Return
- The two best seller items have returned, on sales again for a limited time.
- Period: After maintenance of 5th Jun 2018 ~ before maintenance of 19th Jun 2018 
1. Digi-Egg of Miracle
Digi-Egg of Miracle: Opens the capsule evolution slot of Magnamon. (100% chance of success)
2. Ticket to Miracle Accessory

[How to Use the Tickets]
※ You can obtain a Ticket to Miracle Accessory of next level by certain chance 
   when you scan it (or a Digicore instead).
Ex) Scan Ticket to Miracle Accessory [Level 1] → Ticket to Miracle Accessory [Level 2] or Digicore
Ex) Scan Ticket to Miracle Accessory [Level 2] → Ticket to Miracle Accessory [Level 3] or Digicore
※ You can obtain Ticket to Miracle Accessory [Level 10] as maximum by scanning.
※ All Tickets to Miracle Accessory can be exchanged to one of Miracle Ring, Miracle Necklace or 
   Miracle Earrings of according level through NPC Magnamon in DATS Center.
ex) Ticket to Miracle Accessory [Level 1] → Miracle Ring [Level 1]
ex) Ticket to Miracle Accessory [Level 5] → Miracle Necklace [Level 5]
ex) Ticket to Miracle Accessory [Level 10] → Miracle Earrings [Level 10]

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  • naim52[03-17-2019 08:02]

    Why i saw people with this in 2019, (new tamers that obtained jumping digimons)

  • TeleSpallaMarco[03-02-2019 19:07]

    I'm lvl 61 Tamer, i came back to this game 3 weeks ago after long time no play, i created a new tamer and i didn't get my New Tamer Growth Boost Ticket. Server: Omegamon - Tamer: SantoPadre

  • qu11[11-25-2018 10:46]

    I did not get my reward for level 90 jumping digimon my name is HiroDMO on Lucemon server

  • JVACAN[11-09-2018 00:12]

    i just reached the lvl 50 with my jumping digi, but i didnt recieved the rewards, were they only available during the event?????

  • toxicbunker[06-27-2018 12:07]

    where is the digivice for jumping digimon

  • lunakain[06-19-2018 18:41]

    i sold just to have a little free $$ ingame. So the rates where fine u just had bad luck.I know a guy that scaned 1k and only got 41 blue and he didnt cry about it .

  • lunakain[06-19-2018 18:39]

    @ste574 u just had bad luck thats all i scaned 253 and got 24 blues .And normal runs of 125-157 i got at least 5+ .only2 times did i ever get less thin 5.over all igot 4 apo and2 bm and thin made 7 i

  • newjohnnydeep1115[06-19-2018 13:35]

    You guys need to deal with the gold spammers

  • stephen575[06-19-2018 12:43]

    I have scanned 325 grey and only 9 have been blue, THATS RIDICULOUS. At least make your events eventlike, I don't want to farm toyagumon for a freakin BM if going to take 1000 blocks to even get enoug

  • princessanimal[06-18-2018 12:05]

    Definitely need new people coming in even if they are noobs for the game to survive, plus we were once noobs ;)

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