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IN PROGRESSWelcome New Tamers to Digital World!

Mission 1. Complete Tutorial and Get Rewards


Mission 2. Welcome to Digital World

Welcome to Digital World, new comers! Raise your level and get rewards for boosting your gameplay!
Have fun!

※ Note: Important! Please read!

- Only the tamers which were created after maintenance
  on May 30th, 2017 can receive rewards.
​- The Gift Box will be sent to your Gift & Reward item storage, 
  once your Tamer has reached the certain level notified.
- Rewards will be expired after 7 days of provision in storage,
  so please receive it as soon as possible.
- The reward items are chracter bound and cannot be traded.
- Each Gift Box can be received once per account only. (important)
- Only new Tamers can receive the Gift Box.​



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  • shizui[01-12-2021 15:06]

    thx for banning me for getting gift membership piece of shit gey king hope u die from corona virus all :D

  • gobblinking[12-01-2020 07:18]

    please change palmon togemon line mega it doesnt make sense i want to use palmon again

  • aesyil[12-01-2020 03:03]

    please...... fix bug at digimon maze f3 side 4 i can't see are about quest GOLD ANUBISMON....

  • hmss33[11-17-2020 21:04]

    Hello creator of the dmo, you already take importance to the players, I have been around for almost 4 months and no response from you, if you cannot solve the problem, I want you to refund the money,

  • CVic[11-17-2020 02:34]

    Are the 30 Day DigiAura and Jogress STILL Trash with both being UNSEALED when you get them making it impossible to use the 30 Jogress chip at level 50 tamer unless we buy your cash shop egg?

  • REYMOMEMIJE[11-14-2020 23:13]

    los que tienen personajes en steam?? no les daran nada? me cree un personaje reciente en el server beelzemon hace unos dias ya lo tengo en lvl 37 creo y no me dieron anda hasta el momento

  • narutocamelas[11-14-2020 14:22]

    no he conseguido ninguna de las recompensas y soy lvl 58 de tamer solucionenlo pls

  • 551sandrik551[09-23-2020 18:50]

    U gonna fix the bug to equipt new Tamers? would be cool

  • rhoyghel[09-22-2020 06:17]

    i love dmo

  • narutocamelas[09-21-2020 14:37]

    he empezado y subido de lvl gracias al evento pero no tengo ninguna de las recompensas de lvl desde ( lvl10 - lvl60) solucionarlo porfavor

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