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IN PROGRESSWelcome New Tamers to Digital World!

Mission 1. Complete Tutorial and Get Rewards


Mission 2. Welcome to Digital World

Welcome to Digital World, new comers! Raise your level and get rewards for boosting your gameplay!
Have fun!

※ Note: Important! Please read!

- Only the tamers which were created after maintenance
  on May 30th, 2017 can receive rewards.
​- The Gift Box will be sent to your Gift & Reward item storage, 
  once your Tamer has reached the certain level notified.
- Rewards will be expired after 7 days of provision in storage,
  so please receive it as soon as possible.
- The reward items are chracter bound and cannot be traded.
- Each Gift Box can be received once per account only. (important)
- Only new Tamers can receive the Gift Box.​



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  • bubdude[05-06-2020 21:17]

    If you didn't get your lvl rewards it's probably because you already hit that lvl on another tamer so you can repeat it again. It stops people from "rerolling" for a good account.

  • MeeeeeepTrain[05-06-2020 00:41]

    I've not received any support on this matter and it's been a day, please help me as I have put a lot of money into this game to help support it over my time playing. Looking forward to your response.

  • MeeeeeepTrain[05-04-2020 21:58]

    I never got my lv60 tamer reward, can you help me please? I play on the Leviamon server and my in game name is MeepTrain. Thanks in advance!

  • sekende[05-04-2020 11:19]

    I didnt get my reward in lvl 99 tamer.. pls help me, server : Omegamon, ign : Sazanka ... thanks :)

  • Henmaru[04-24-2020 13:28]

    i didit get my reward, i just play again after a view month stop playing , pleasee help me, Server: Lucemon, ign: KuroiSora .. thx

  • yousifalawi[04-21-2020 21:31]

    Piedmon master card is bugged when i choose my last card i couldn't get my reward or leave the card game.

  • santirocket[04-07-2020 08:13]

    I am new I am in server beelzemon, I did a day after I raised level 50 but they did not give me the digi egg of the joggres that I can do to obtain it

  • emrahkacar[04-07-2020 07:07]

    Susanomon first wuest kaisergreymon meet ophanimon quest is bugged cant finish quest please fix it

  • keiko5[04-06-2020 19:08]

    I didn't get any reward after achieving level 50 ,please can you give me my reward please ? server:Beelzebumon tamer:End321

  • cloud0312[04-05-2020 14:47]

    did not receive items listed for lvl 50 reward Server: Leviamon Tamer: Joyce_Manor

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