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FINISHEDSeptember-Leading-to-October Promotion

Hello Tamers, this is DATS Center.

We would like to inform you about the update on 2021.09.29.
Please refer to the information below to avoid any inconveniences.


◎ Promotion

Promotion starts from 2021.09.29.

For this promotion, bonus items are given based on the accumulated amount of Crown purchased from 2021.09.29 00:00 to 2021.10.04 24:00. (GMT+9)

◎ [Awesome Purchase Gift Box] Component

※ All items from the event are character bound.
※ Items are awarded in a cumulative manner according to the amount of Crown purchased.
※ However, if you have received the reward items from the Promotion Event above, items purchased during the event cannot be refunded.
※ Reward items will be provided on 10.05 after the regular server maintenance.

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  • pedritok[09-29-2021 12:53]

    you could just lock the slot from banned account because remember some people just made the bug just for curiosity and not for destroying the game

  • vitopolitoxd[09-29-2021 12:46]

    they could never in their life own a darling digimon from a game that we liked so much, we were very sad to lose the account that took us years to conquer, but I'm just sorry for the company and now

  • jizoc[09-29-2021 12:40]

    GK, start checking 0d1n's account! Because whoever accuses too much should be the first to be investigated.

  • TuNiSiAnOnE1[09-29-2021 10:54]

    Please Reply in my ticket i send alot but still not get what me want please read the other ticket to know what me service me need and thanks

  • koniciwa[09-29-2021 09:55]

    bad decision, ban majority of players because of exploiting data exhange bug, instead of just delete digis or titles they got by exploiting it, also it seems some is still survive, what a garbage devs

  • xenotype[09-29-2021 09:46]

    very genius scam money hahaha make event miracle then promotion event, suppose promotion + miracle event but GK very genius ahahahahah

  • otobot[09-29-2021 09:30]

    Od1n is right, please ban all the bug abusers so that the game will die soon!

  • 0d1n[09-29-2021 09:22]

    Thank you for acting on the Injection ban! There are ALOT of people who Evaded it. Please scan for Digimon Archives! Alot of steam users also evaded this ban! Please double the efforts to ban these

  • ingatan071201[09-29-2021 08:58]

    Please bring back mastemon top-up reward

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