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  • AyenxArms[08-28-2020 05:13]

    bot user : (farm item and sell cheap) non bot user : complaining bot user ( lazy to farm) (macro protector available) bot user (farm normally) : farm item and sell higher price non bot user: complain

  • AyenxArms[08-28-2020 05:08]

    Blue eye macro bot is legal and psc bot is illegal. random player always use micro to steal spot this is type of toxic player in gdmo

  • wirdas79[08-26-2020 16:15]

    ogudomon still double stat, please fix it. event said before maintenance 25 august last double stat for ogudomon.

  • masamunedate[08-25-2020 20:35]

    Pleaseee Unband My Account,,I Have Account 1,,,Pleaseee Gameking.

  • AcidBuging[08-25-2020 16:26]

    Just don't rely on events to grow stronger, rely on your own farm and get T to buy archives instead of waiting for the next event. T can be made easily in dungeons or farming items just research it..

  • AcidBuging[08-25-2020 16:24]

    If you want some help "Wolfweapons" i can give you advice ingame just add me IHZ_Abyss I went through the same situations you going through and its more simple than you think.

  • AcidBuging[08-25-2020 16:22]

    To whoever is complaining about the game events being to the new ones, trust me there are more events to "late game" players more often than you think... They have to mix the events up bro or its shit

  • wolfweapons[08-25-2020 14:48]

    Events should be for all the players, not for just new ones. And people like me who skip the tutorial, I skip bc I already play this game before but I did not remember about exclusive events.

  • wolfweapons[08-25-2020 14:44]

    I lv 85 tamer, I skip the tutorial so I can play the event? Wtf theres nothing interesting on this game beside Hatch new digimons but I can't bc I don't have archive and they do a event like this!

  • lovepanditamilu[08-25-2020 13:57]

    No se gasten... dmo dejo de leer las cartas hace mucho tiempo, a menos que sea para ganar dinero no responderan a nadie

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