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Kaisergreymon (Susanomon Jogress quest) Bugged!!
Why does my quest for Mastemon <FOR JUSTICE> still up when i finished it already?

Is this the reason why i can't proceed to my Kaisergreymon (Susanomon Jogress quest line) <Lucemon! The prelude of Resurrection> ?

Please help i want to get susanomon jogress!

I hope this fixes this buggy quest! 

IGN: Aviantis
Server: Omegamon



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  • Farizzz08[06-14-2021 02:17]

    Mine too, i only get holy amulet, and don't get the dark amulet, and the quest still there, please fix mine GM. IGN: Cleopatra2 Server: Lucemon

  • YkkyNub[01-26-2021 19:42]

    Triste Tambem estou com esse problema gastei muito para nada! Falta de respeito com o player Nick Noobinho Leviamon

  • DarylBryan[01-26-2021 10:19]

    Please fix mine as well. It's 2021 already. IGN: Omniblood Server: Leviamon

  • ranr[12-14-2020 08:17]

    Same problem.. I wonder why GM and Devs didnt fix this bug? this problem from april up to this day december? please dev hear us! fix this problem so that we can have susanomon

  • emlar[10-03-2020 23:59]

    i had the same problem...we hope GM can respond to this problem ASAP coz we buy things from shop and we hope good feedback too from GK

  • ferreira20[09-29-2020 06:52]

    a minha tb bug fui faser hj e bugo serve barbamon HerCuL3S ja mandei pro suport la espero qui obs esse bug para nos poder pegar o susano

  • amostrado[09-28-2020 19:56]

    Bug kayser quest.

  • joaco1174[09-27-2020 04:49]

    me too Player: Joaquin17 Server: barbamon

  • falconeeveh[09-25-2020 01:07]

    i have the same problem. if u have mastemon u cant get susano.... is a bug... and gameking dont work on it

  • jrwhg[09-16-2020 22:41]

    In fact, I still can't get it, in spite of all money and time insvested on it.. I hope GK fix it soon, I sent several tickets since many months ago... Player Heraklion, from Lilithmon server.

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