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DC And Tamer Deleted ¿¿ WTF
Part Two. I had it before the Season Pass update and now I don't have it anymore. wtf and my Tamer and all the stuff I had and the Crow invested in that Tamers and Digimon ?

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  • Kuya98[03-10-2024 19:18]

    Por que está ocurriendo esto? No me deja acceder a mi cuenta, no aparece la opción de elegir servidor solo crear nueva cuenta. He invertido mucho en mi cuenta main , no me la pueden borrar!!

  • Strike202[03-10-2024 14:13]

    Que demonios pasa? yo tampoco puedo acceder a mi cuenta?

  • andrenana[03-10-2024 10:30]

    server down? i can only log in, but alpha and omega server is gone

  • annteno[03-09-2024 21:16]

    y alpha

  • annteno[03-09-2024 21:15]

    no teman solo se cayo el server de omega

  • annteno[03-09-2024 21:11]

    no es juasto hoy me paso eso me dio DC y cuando vuelvo no esta mi cuenta tampoco me deja escojer server

  • Kuya98[03-09-2024 13:49]

    I have the same problem, have they deleted 2 completely different accounts after a dc? I have a lot of time and money, it's not fair. HELP

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