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Access not available(Steam)
Steam user here. There's an error saying access not available for the following country. I'm from malaysia and i play this game on steam platform. A couple hour ago, i played this game just fine and now i can't play this game because of this error. Any admin or GM can help me here?

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  • kamiya[12-23-2022 20:04]

    hola buen dia yo juego hace 15 años y la cuenta atreves de su página no la pude recurar y tuve que hacer otra cuenta hace 4 años maso menos atreves de steam y ahora no me deja conectar mi cuenta

  • charlievd89[12-03-2022 18:00]

    me too how can i fixed?

  • darkkaiser123[10-21-2022 17:45]

    the sad thing is that they don't know about geographic divisions if it's NADMO Mexico should be included since North America is made up of CANADA UNITED STATES AND MEXICO

  • adi2802[10-19-2022 15:41]

    I guess we need a refund for this problem. After all we used real money in this game.

  • deadw1sh[10-14-2022 18:47]

    yes are they gonna fix that here is over 50 000 people with that problem and Gameking don't answer anywhere

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