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[Notice] Comment on Arena Podium (Season 3)

Hello, Tamers.

This is an announcement about the Arena Podium and the Winner's comment.
Each server's top 3 rankers of Arena Season 3 will have their characters standing on the Podium.
The top 3 rankers of Season 3 are as follows:

If your tamer name is in the list above, please contact us by 1:1 QnA to for podium comment.
1. Visit http://dmo.gameking.com/main
2. Log-in with your account.
3. Support > My QnA
4. Click on [Contact Support] from below.
5. Fill up the ticked with comment regarding to example image below and submit.
6. Please send an image of your tamer character. (Click "Attach File" below to attach an image file)

* You must log-in with your own account when you send podium comment.
* Please include "[Arena]" in front of title when you send the inquiry.
* If the comment includes inappropriate contents (ex: language abuse, racism etc), we may deny to upload it.
* Comment cannot exceed 500 characters (alphabets).
* Default comment will be displayed for the podium stander who did not send the comment.
(ex. "I'm Black_Panther(tamer name) of guild Wakanda(guild name)!")

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