Rumble Chess

How to Enjoy

Survive till the end.

Eight tamers fight opponents with each Digimon,
and the tamer who survives until the end becomes the winner.

Use Gold Wisely.

Gold is awarded according to the result of each battle round.
This will lead to the purchase and evolution of Digimon,
as well as the battle,
and the operation of gold will determine the victory or defeat.

Strategy for Favorable Combat

Pay attention to Possessed Digimon's Class and Family.
Defeat the monsters that appear and equip the acquired items to gain an edge.

Battle Field

There are various battle fields in Rumble Chess.
Enjoy play that suits the characteristics of each field.


Win fierce battles and rise to the peak of Rumble Chess.

Check the Ranking


In Rumble Chess, there are 15 Family synergies and 12 Class synergies.
Collect Digimons of the same race faster than others and experience powerful effects.

Check For more


Each Digimon has synergy characteristics as an icon.
Always check for a strong combination.


Shows the number of Digimons required for each Synergy to activate.
Several synergies triggered on the battlefield will lead you to victory.


The name of the synergy is indicated.