Rumble Chess

Information of the Game [INTRO]

Hi, Tamer! First time of Rumble Chess?
Well, you are in the right place! Let’s look through what is the Rumble Chess!

Rumble Chess is the PVP mode of Digimon Masters, the Auto-Battler genre game.
It born in summer 2020, and still growing on go!

Rumble Chess is divided in 2 parts.
The Normal mode, like a practice mode.
The Rank mode, the Normal mode.

You can relax with Normal mode play.
Well, although you can’t gain the point, but it is a practice mode for sure.

On the other hand, you should be ready when you play rank mode!
After the match, you will get the point by the place!

When playing the normal mode, you can feel relatively comfortable.
It's literally a practice mode where you can't get points!
However, when in Ranked mode, you will need to loosen your fingers and rotate your wrists a little beforehand.
After the Ranked Mode is over, points are paid differently according to your play rank!

The rank grade is determined according to the points acquired, and the MMR (Match Making Rating) value is calculated according to the rank points, the win rate, and the number of consecutive wins/losses.
It is applied to the following matching system.

What would you guys do? Normal mode? Or rank mode? I will do both!


< Starting the Game! >
Firstly! I need to show you how to run Rumble Chess, right?
There are two ways to run Rumble Chess.

First!! Click the Run Rumble Chess button in the Digimon Masters Server Selection Window to enter!

Second!! Enter through Digimon Masters Online NPC< Royal Knights >Alphamon Ouryuken!

The < Royal Knights > Alphamon Ouryuken is located in the left side of Dats Center Entrance, and Yokohama Village.

< How to Gain Rumble Point >

To enjoy the Rumble Chess, you will need [Rumble Point], and it can be obtained with 3 different method.

First! Rumble Chess Daily Reward!

When you launched the Rumble Chess, you will able to obtain 50 [Rumble Point] per 1day!

Second! Digimon Masters Log-in Reward!

[Log-in Reward Coin] of access compensation paid to Digimon Masters Cash Warehouse
It can be obtained by crafting with [Rumble Point] through NPC'< Rumble Chess > Dorumon'.

< Rumble Chess > Dorumon’ is located on the left side of the Dats Center entrance and in Yokohama Village.

Third! Digimon Arena Reward!

Digimon Arena of regular difficulty
It can be obtained as a reward for victory in battle with < comparing opponent >. (10, 20, 30, 35, 40 stages)

In addition, you can create [Rumble Point] from NPC'< Digimon Arena Reward > Mary' with the [Arena Mark] item.

But! There is one step left to use the obtained [Rumble Points] in Rumble Chess.

You have to send [Rumble Point] to Rumble Chess right away,
You can do this by talking to the NPC'< Royal Knights > Alphamon Awakening Mode' and ‘Send Points'.

Now that you have gotten [Rumble Points], let's go enjoy Rumble Chess!
* For reference, [Rumble Points] earned during the Pre-OBT period will be deleted at once.

< Purchase Digimon >
Now, the first round of Rumble Chess has started. What should we do first?

Yes, the first thing you need to do is buy a Digimon to be placed on the field. Because I need my Digimon to fight my opponent!
Digimons and items appear randomly in the store, and the purchase method is very simple.

All you have to do is just
Simply click on the store at the bottom right of the screen or press the space bar, then click on the Digimon you want.
The store can be opened at any time during the game. The regular pentagonal plate at the bottom shows your Digimon or item.

In the shop, you can purchase Digimon and Evoreuter, an item necessary to evolve Digimon.

< Locate Digimon >
Did you buy your favorite Digimon? Then put Digimon on the field!

Placing Digimons on the chess board is also very simple. Drag and drop! Just drag and drop it where you want. Simple isn't it?

When the number of Digimons that can be placed on the chess board is filled, the Tamer next to him will wave his hand to greet you.
Of course, you have to place as many Digimons on the field to increase your win rate, right?!

Even if the number of possible placements is not filled, the game will start as it is if you do not place Digimons directly, so be careful!

< Match is on! >
Now that we have finished purchasing and placing Digimon, shall we proceed to the game?

As the round progresses, you only have to watch how well my Digimon is fighting!

Rumble Chess is an automatic battle mode game!

However, in order to win the battle, you will need to plan your strategy well. What do you mean to come up with a strategy?

Simply put, you need to make a Digimon combination that evolves Digimon by managing your gold and creates synergies.

Gold can be earned through the results of the rounds, the winning streak, and the losing streak.
You can see how much my Gold is in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Digimon evolution and Synergy will be explained in more detail in the related tabs!


To open the store, click on the store in the lower right corner, or Just press the space bar. The store can be opened at any time during the game.

But don't have any Digimons or items in the store that you need?
In this case, is the only way to wait for the next round?
The answer is no! It's not like that. There is a way to reset the store.
When you open the store, just hit the reset button on the right!

You need 2 Gold to do the reset, but you can invest that much to complete the perfect strategy, right?!
But, you should be careful because you can run out of gold if you reset it until you find the item you want!


Let’s Evaluate the Digimon, Shall we?

In order to evolve Digimon, you need an item called Evoluter.
This item can also be purchased in the in-game store.
When you have a Digimon that can evolve and an Evoluter that matches it, an Evolution button will appear on the Digimon.

Digimon evolution at the push of a button! Easy, right?
Digimon you want to evolve is already on the field and the evolution button doesn't appear?
If so, there is also a way to drag and drop Evoluter onto Digimon.
Drag and Drop! You can do the same as when placing Digimon.

Like This!!

In addition to evolution using Evoluter, there is something called Jogress evolution.
Jogress evolution refers to the merging of two Digimons into one powerful Digimon.
Jogress evolution also drag and drop Digimon to other Digimon!

Then you will get a Jogress button.
Now, shall we do Jogress evolution this time?

Jogress evolution refers to the merging of two Digimons into one powerful Digimon.
Again, drag and drop Digimon to another Digimon!
Then you will get a Jogress button.

Digimon [DIGIMON]

There are 53 types of Digimon in Rumble Chess, including Jogress Digimon.

Digimon types can be checked in the in-game Encyclopedia tab!
Is there any Digimon that I like?! Go ahead and check it out!


Rumble Chess has 15 races Synergy and 13 class Synergy.
If you place a certain number of Digimons with the same Synergy icon in the battle field, the effect will be exerted!

If you deploy Digimon in consideration of the Synergy effect, you can build a stronger team, right?

Synergy effects can also be checked in the in-game Encyclopedia tab.
If you click on each Synergy icon, you will also see the corresponding Digimon and Synergy description.
When placing Digimon with Synergy effect on the field, you can visually check the effect as if each Digimon is connected to each other.

Doesn't it look powerful just by looking at it?!


Remember, I said that Rumble Chess has two modes?
Yes, it is. Normal mode and Rank mode!
Among them, if you played Rank mode, you should try to see which rank you are in?!
You can check your Rank in the Ranking tab at the top of the in-game.

You can check your Rank in the Ranking tab at the top of the in-game.
There are 7 major ranks, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Crystal, Master, and Champion.
From Bronze to Master, there are 3, 2, and 1 ranks in detail, so in the end there are a total of 19 ranks!
Ranking matches are operated on a seasonal basis, and when the season is over, the rank score and tier are reset.
What is your Rank?


Rumble Pass has been updated with the official launch! (Hooray~!)

The Rumble Pass consists of a total of 30 stages, and you can get various rewards for each stage!
You can raise the level of the Rumble Pass with [Pass Points] that are earned as daily quest rewards, and you can also increase the level by using [Rumble Point].
In addition to the basic “regular pass”, the Rumble Pass can be obtained by purchasing a “pass ticket”.
Those who have a ‘Premium Pass’ are said to be given more rewards, so don’t miss this chance!