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[Patch] Patch Note 20181224

Hello. Tamers of Digimon Masters Online!
We'd like to announce Game Patch Note of 24th Dec 2018 (Mon).

1. Access limit unlock for Verdandi Terminal & Royal Base is normally applied now.
2. "Shiny High-powered Quad-core Ring" (event) for crafting Miracle Ring [Special] route has been added in NPC Magnamon's craft item list.
3. Dungeon "Descending Thunder God", and "Shadow Labyrinth" will normally appear in the world map.
4. "ToyAumon" in Seal Master Window fixed to "ToyAgumon".
5. Agumon(Black)[BlitzGreymon] displayed as Agumon(Classic) has been fixed.
6. Visual bug of Mihiramon's skill in Descending Thunder God has been fixed.
7. Some of the wrong item tool tips have been fixed.
8. Debuff time of Royal Knights in Royal Base has been normally fixed.
9. The "Dats Center Underpass" map shows the correct image now.
10. Rookie Digimon's skills are normally increased to Lv.10 now.

Thank you.

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