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CLODES[Finished] All Items 50% Sale

Hello Tamers!

Finally, the 2nd password system was applied and our security system has been upgraded.

We deeply apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced, so we will continue to implement various events within good rewards for Tamers.


So we will proceed the 3rd event, all items (except for some promotional items) are offered at a 50% discount.


※ Event Description

- Most cash items are 50% off.

- Some promotion items newly released in the last patch are excluded.

- 1$ price items are excluded.

- This event takes place on Gameking, Steam and Aeria servers.


※ Event Period

March 27th : Right Now ~ April 4th 14:00, 2017 (GMT+9)


Thank you!



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  • axy96[03-28-2017 01:59]

    PLEASE RESPOND HURRY............................ PLEASE FIX THAT. MY DIGIMON EGG(MECHANORIMON IS MISSING) PLEASE HELP ME server : leviamon . tamer : ANAS24 . id : kxy555

  • PlaYRcs[03-28-2017 01:34]

    I'm like searching 3 days for Diablomon's Time Bomb for Omega quest, what's happening with that quest ? I'm lv 68 Tamer

  • armablanca6[03-28-2017 00:14]

    y para q me sirbe

  • armablanca6[03-28-2017 00:14]

    y para q me sirbe

  • makiro[03-28-2017 00:03]

    Zabrozhongo :3

  • erickcadiz[03-27-2017 22:40]

    baia baia :v

  • Ranock87[03-27-2017 18:57]

    OCS, NCS 1EA = 2C ; 50EA = 125C OCS, NCS 50 X 1EA buy = 100C really???

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