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FINISHEDSurprise GM Event in September! Vol.1

Hello, tamers!

Our GMs will bring surprise event!

As this year's summer has finally over,

we will summon 'ICEMON's in DATS Center as a ceremony!

Below is detail of our event.


Period : Sep 5th (Mon) ~ Sep 8th (Thu), 2 Times in a day randomly, 
           Spending 5~10 minutes per event (Gameking Standard Time, GMT+9)

Spawning Place : Every servers, somwhere at DATS center (Random Channel)

Spawning Digimon : Virus Icemon(event)


Since many tamers wanted to summon Icemon,
we are looking forward that many tamers will join the event!

Thank you.

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  • jy1723891j239817j23[11-02-2021 10:11]

    I changed my laptop. Installed the game. But on this laptop, i cannot open DMO launcher. Failed to retrieve version info and please check internet connection. I have 900mbps speed on my connection.

  • gustavo080808[09-14-2016 22:18]

    Wetgrill use trde hack dats

  • gustavo080808[09-14-2016 22:17]

    Wetgril use trade hack denuciem ele para min e tbm quando matei 1 icemon n veio nada pqpqpqpqpq ???????????????? em pq ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • relica07[09-06-2016 06:16]

    Icemon in the past have a chance of dropping a 30 day snowboard suit when scanned. Thats why people want them and pcs abusers just steal them all...

  • Dayui[09-05-2016 21:47]

    Anyone know the drops?

  • Kivken[09-05-2016 15:53]

    Hello Digimon Masters Online, I would like to know if you are thinking about updating the Snowboard Suit (Adventure Only) and Santa Costume for Sora. If possible do it as soon as possible please. :)

  • devourlordmon[09-05-2016 14:29]

    I hate this stupid event stupid players make lag to disconect others

  • diaboromon55[09-05-2016 11:10]

    what is this event supposed to be?

  • MajorStorm[09-05-2016 10:30]

    soo whats the purpose of this event, like is there a prize or a drop associated with killing them and why do so many tamers want to summon icemon.

  • itophere[09-05-2016 09:16]

    what time to spawn icemon?

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