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FINISHED[Finished] Facebook Event - What you want!

Hello Tamers!


Finally, the 2nd password system has been applied.

We deeply apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced, so we’d like to open many events with various rewards!


For the first event, we love the listen to your wish.

(Your wish about What kind of Digimon Egg you want to have!)


“Don't be shy about telling me what you want.”

We will randomly pick 200 Tamers and give a “desired 5-level Digimon Egg”.


※ Cautions : Be Careful!!!

① All GDMO users can participate. (Gameking, Steam, Aeria)

② Duplicate participation is not allowed, you may not  be chosen if you have more than one wish.

③ Make sure to mention your Tamer and Server name in your comment.

   Ex) Agumon / Dima-zzang / Omegamon

④ GM is not the high and mighty, so he(she) can only give you one reward.

⑤ The number of winners might be changed depending on the participation rate.

⑥ If you are the winner, you can find the reward in your Cash Warehouse.

⑦ Cheating is not acceptable, you may have disadvantages such as cancellation of the win.


※ Event Period: Hurry UP!!!

March 14th right now! ~ March 28th 14:00, 2017 (GMT+9)


※ How to Join : Very Easy!!!

① Click "LIKE" the GDMO Facebook page and this post

② Share this post on your Facebook page as "SHARE" button

③ Leave a “COMMENT” included 5-level Digimon Egg name & Tamer name & Server name


Thank you!

Visit Digimon Masters Facebook page to CHECK and JOIN the event!


※ Do not reply here and leave your comment in above facebook event post!

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  • mindrot[03-30-2017 17:43]

    when are the eggs given out?

  • delanosaurusrex[03-30-2017 03:52]

    x_x how long still till the eggs

  • 1990caspilo[03-29-2017 21:30]

    Lol ... where is the winner 5/5 egg

  • kirigayadraggnel[03-29-2017 00:09]

    Qinglongmon (wish) / K1dCudi (tamer) / Lucemon (server)

  • genilson[03-29-2017 00:01]

    Digimon: Dorumon(Raptor) / Tamer: Darkgenil / Server: Lucemon

  • poctetoc[03-28-2017 23:00]

    nope , i didn't ..

  • delanosaurusrex[03-28-2017 20:39]

    did anyone get their prices?

  • nathan9612[03-28-2017 09:44]

    Digimon: kudamon // Tamer: tkoztenta // Server: Leviamon

  • KilluaGamerG3[03-28-2017 03:51]

    Digimon: V-mon (Veedramon) // Tamer: FlareonBR // Servidor: Beelzemon

  • kklisandrokk[03-28-2017 03:47]

    Digimon: Betamon // Tamer: lissandroBR // Servidor: Omegamon

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