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FINISHEDWishes for Digimon Masters 2019

Hello, Tamers!

First of all, I'd like to say thanks to all Tamers who have been staying with us so far.
As it is yet spring of year 2019, we GameKing would like to establish an opportunity to officially listen to your opinions.

Project "Wishes for Digimon Masters 2019"
We're looking forward to make an event where everyone can share their opinions and thoughts openly and freely.
Have you had any brilliant suggestions that you have thought yourself but didn't put out from your mind?
Were there any suggestions you sent through 1:1 QnA, but weren't accepted and forgotten even though you think it was an excellent idea to improve the game?
If so, don't miss this opportunity!

"Wishes for Digimon Masters 2019" will be held from 2 platforms.
"Steam Discussions" and "Facebook".
Please refer to the description below for event schedule and details.

◆ Wishes for Digimon Masters Online ◆

1. Event Term
- 25th Feb 2019 ~ 7th Mar 2019

2. Place of Participation
- For Steam: Steam > Community > Digimon Masters Online > Discussions > Gameplay Guides & Tips (link: https://steamcommunity.com/app/537180/discussions/10/)
- For Facebook: New post will be uploaded on the first day of event (25th Feb 2019)

3. How to Participate
- Write your opinion about "Digimon Masters Online" on Steam Forum or comment in Facebook Post.
- Write your Tamer name and Server name.
- Please read and follow the rules below.

4. Topic
- Free subjects related to Digimon Masters Online.

5. Event Rules (cautions)

(1) Write [Event] in front of your post title.
(2) The form and length of your article is free.
(3) Article must be written in an understandable manner and not very rude for others to see.
(4) Event reward can be given only once per account. (character bound, not tradeable)
(5) Event reward can be cancelled if you do not follow the event rules or violate game policy.

The event rewards will be distributed to all participants, after the event ends.
- Participation Reward: GM Event Box 2ea
- Best Article Reward: GM Event Box 5ea (will be announced by GMs afterwards)

※ Reward Distribution Term: After the end of event announcement (8th Mar 2019)

We're looking forward to your active participation!

Thank you!

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  • blaydack[03-04-2019 12:28]

    hola dmo yo hize 3 o 4 eventos para el juego y que podemos disfrutar todos les dejo el link del {evento} https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5lcc0vOQBo&t=29s

  • vhicker[03-04-2019 10:37]

    [EVENT] Aumentar el rate del sistema de clonado, ya que se gasta demasiado para que te salga perfect un solo clone de los 60 que gastaste. Un evento de competencia entre todos los servidores

  • ezutus[03-04-2019 10:19]

    Poderiam voltar o eggs como recompensa do coliseu :(

  • caveira112[03-04-2019 04:21]

    [EVENT] Please make digicloning free again i want a skill digicode(Extra)lvl.15

  • lionking998[03-04-2019 02:23]

    Event idea; the cracked shells of a digimon drop ie i kill a cherrymon I get one cherrymon egg piece and 100 pieces= 3/5 500=4/5 1000= 5/5

  • lycann[03-04-2019 02:02]

    [Evento] Eggs de Dorumon <3 y eventos de experiencia, yo volvi al juego despues de mucho y comenzare con personaje nuevo c: muchas gracias por el evento <3

  • Devokevo[03-04-2019 01:58]

    [Event] event for more option change stones and number change stones. or seal openers

  • jUunioRrxD[03-04-2019 00:28]

    [Event] gift a misterious X agumon or gabu

  • vithienzo234[03-03-2019 22:22]

    [Event] mysterious clon box plsss <3

  • KyubiDA[03-03-2019 11:33]

    [Event] The rest armor forms (I think I'm not the only one sitting with character bound eggs to use). EXP buff events for high lvl mons would be great. Also item drop rates could be higher in maze.

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